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Senior Congress leaders raised pitch to replace Raj Babbar

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With state Congress presidents Raj Babbar failing to infuse energy in the demoralised party cadre to help revival of India’s oldest political outfit, senior leaders have started raising their pitch on replacing him with a new incumbent. 

Not only this, many leaders even advocated that the state be divided into three zones and respective zonal heads be appointed to infuse the much-needed energy among the cadres before bypolls for Gorakhpur and Phoolpur Parliamentary seats were announced. 

“Raj Babbar is a celebrity and can draw some audience. But he lacks experience to strengthen the outfit or lead any massive demonstration. This lacunae has been adversely affecting the party. Both the BJP-led Union and state governments have failed miserably on all fronts but the state Congress has poorly failed in exposing them,” pointed a former MLA. 

“Leave law and order, Yogi’s government was exposed while concealing child deaths due to lack of oxygen in Gorakhpur medical college. But Babbar was satisfied by handing out threats to force the CM to resign over the issue instead of organising a massive demonstration,” the leader said.

“Even in Lucknow, Babbar led protests twice but with no substantial number of party workers behind him and his efforts hence went unnoticed,” he said. 

Demanding removal of Babbar from the top post in UP, another veteran leader who was state vice-president earlier said, “Babbar lost his credibility amongst masses after he and Shiela Dikshit led `27 Saal-UP Behal’ campaign against successive government run by BSP, SP and BJP in the state and suddenly they were seen standing the Samajwadi Party during the Assembly poll,” he pointed out . 

“The Congress-SP alliance upset not only the masses but also the party cadres who preferred to stay in their homes in the run up to the Assembly elections resulting in an elctoral disaster for the party” the leader opined.

Supporting the outburst against Babbar, a former Union minister said that the state president never took his job seriously and was using his office to come for a `picnic’ to Lucknow. 

“Babbar never wanted to remain as state chief. Hence, after joining the post unwillingly, he did not make any changes in the outfit. His effort was piecemeal and he organised some protests  in Lucknow before flyingback to the comnforts of his Delhi home. Even as UP Congress chief, he kept on harping that his assignment would end after Assembly elections. After the electoral debacle, Babbbar offered to resign but was forced to continue. This is not how a major party which has been struggling should work,” the former minister said.

The Congress leader further said that the number of workers gathering during protests was reflection enough that Babbar had failed to gain their faith. “If the Congress brass is serious on reviving the outfit in UP, then a complete overhaul was immediately needed,” he opined. 

The former Union minister demanded that the party mandarins should also take opinion of party workers on contesting bypolls in Gorakhpur and Phoolpur constituencies as they were sceptical about the Congress party leaving the seats for the SP or BSP, as was done during Assembly polls.




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