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NPU SIA helps make NH-75 bridge roads motorable

| | DALTONGANJ | in Ranchi

Nilamber Pitamber University’s social impact assessment report (SIA) on the land coming under approach roads of a bridge on NH 75 on the river Amanat contributed in the making the area motorable. The land belonged to raiyats and gair majrua.

Deputy Commissioner of Palamu Ameet Kumar told The Pioneer, “ I have no hesitation to say that NPU took more time than required in submitting the SIA report but when it swung into action it did it fast.”

A bridge on NH 75 on the river Amanat was hanging into fire due to the land acquired for its two side approach roads. NPU conducted the SIA which helped the administration to identify 65 decimals of raiyati land and 42 decimals of GM land, said land acquisition officer Banka Ram. Compensation to the tune of Rs 62 lakh has been paid to the raiyats. Ram added that GM land settlers will get fiscal relief once their cases in the settlement office are cleared.

Revenue and Land Reforms Department had nominated NPU to conduct the SIA which is a mandatory thing under the new land acquisition process. Vice Chancellor of NPU SN Singh said, “It is welcome to hear that this bridge on the NH 75 on river Amanat is now open to public and the NPU has done a the job. During my recent visit to Garhwa DC Neha Arora too had raised the issue of SIA to be done on Doomri nullah. I have assured Garhwa DC that NPU will pull out all stops for an early SIA report on this nullah.”

Sources said the NPU’s submission of SIA report saved Palamu administration from many problems as without it no compensation for land acquired would have come to the raiyats. Further not opening of this bridge was witnessing huge jam here every day.




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