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Palamu fares well in paddy procurement

| | DALTONGANJ | in Ranchi

Paddy procurement in Palamu till March 18 puts its ahead of two adjoining districts. As per a report issued by the Department of Public Distribution and Consumer Affairs Garhwa and Latehar are struggling.

A total of 3, 965 farmers got themselves registered for selling their paddy at nine paddy procurement centre in Garhwa district. Till March 18 only 1,118 farmers turned up at the centre and sold their paddy which weighs only 68, 065 quintal as against the expected purchase of 3, 13, 327 quintals of paddy.

Another adjoining district Latehar could not fare any good so far said the official report. Here a total of 1,837 farmers got themselves registered while only 516 farmers turned up and sold their paddy which weighed only 19, 026 quintal of paddy when the expected paddy procurement was put at 74,336 quintal.

Palamu district in comparison to these two districts Garhwa and Latehar which come under the Palamu Division has fared better than last year and is far ahead of these two districts. Official report reads that in Palamu 5559 farmers got themselves registered for sale of their paddy and till March 18 2,143 farmers turned up sold their paddy which is more than 1.18 lakh quintal as against the target of more than 4 lakh quintal.

Palamu DC Ameet Kumar told The Pioneer, “Paddy procurement this year in Palamu has improved if one compares the purchase of it this year with the one did last year. The FCI officials made frantic calls to registered farmers through SMS for selling their paddy at the 15 procurement centre which is also called minimum support price center.”

Sources said as against the registered 5559 farmers the FCI officials sent 5692 SMS which proves that no registered farmer was ever left un-contacted. On an average 3 SMSs were sent to a farmer and if all these went un-responded by the concerned farmer it is presumed that the farmer has a second thought over his paddy.

However farmers also reported about hardships at procurement centers like time consumed and spending enough money on transportation of paddy from the field. Sources said middlemen on the other hand reach farmers’ place and strike a deal of price of their paddy. Farmers remain contented despite losing Rs 200 to 250 per quintal for the sake of discomfort and inconveniences that come their way in the event they bring their paddy at the procurement centers. 




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