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Approaching a Sadhu for getting treatment is not ‘superstition’: Paikra

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Chhattisgarh Home Minister Ramsevak Paikra had approached a sadhu popularly known as ‘Kambal Wale Baba’ in Balrampur district of Surguja division for treatment of diabetes ailment.

The Home Minister said “the Baba was charismatic and people get relieved from any disease in four to five sittings. I had approached the Baba and his treatment works”, he told reporters.

He further said “approaching the Baba for treatment is not superstition”

According to information, the Baba covers the patient with a blanket and distributes sacred ash as a medicine to cure the disease.

However, in a statement Congress Spokesperson Sushil Anand Shukla has mocked the act of the Home Minister.

He said people of the State are getting inspiration from the Minister and their superstition would increase.

“The Home Minister is free to get his treatment from anywhere but he should not propagate superstition”, Shukla said. 




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