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Nigerian gang blackmailing girls on social media busted

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Police on Wednesday succeeded in busting a Nigerian gang from New Delhi which was involved in luring girls in social media and made video clips of their intimate moments to blackmail them later on.

 The case came to the fore when one such girl of Raipur city fell prey to the gang and lodged a complaint with the  civil lines police station here.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Ambreesh Mishra in a press conference here informed  that the Nigerian gang members at first befriended girls in social media and later on lured them to make love and prepared their video clips to blackmail them later on.

One victim who lodged complaint before the civil lines police station had complained that she had deposited Rs7 lakhs in different bank account numbers.

After the complaint was lodged, police within 10 days succeeded in arresting four persons of Nigerian gang. Three more persons are also involved in the crime, police said.

 This Nigerian gang had made victim several other girls and women too and the kingpin of this group was one Kenneth Osita Dima, police said. Police has recovered 10 laptops, more than 20 mobile handsets, 3 passports and some cash from them.




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