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Rajwade:Labour migration is because of ‘greediness’

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Chhattisgarh Labour Minister Bhaiyalal Rajwade on Wednesday said that the labourers of Chhattisgarh migrate to another State in ‘greediness’.

“They (labourers) think they will get more remuneration outside whereas there is no scarcity of work within the State as the State Government has adequately opened the employment schemes for them”, he said.

Rajwade while talking to media persons in Bilaspur said that the State Government had adequately launched the employment generating schemes and there is enough developmental work going on in the

State also to fight the drought situation.

The drought situation in the State was due to scanty rainfall and Government can’t do anything about it.

What government can do is it can open the employment generating development work and the Government is doing that already, he said. 




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