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19 companies take first leap of faith in State

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As many as 19 companies took the first leap of huge faith in the State on Thursday with Chief Minister Raghubar Das groundbreaking for 21 industrial units and inaugurating another three units which had signed MoU with the Government to invest in Jharkhand during Global Investors’ Summit (GIS) in February this year.

Das also announced a similar event for another 30-35 companies in anytime by end of June or starting of July this year, and said that the Government was committed to the development of poor in the State by translating all the MoUs signed during GIS translating into reality.

The glittering event on Thursday which was staged right on the land which has been given to textile company Orient Craft Limited in Hotwar area for India’s biggest upcoming textile unit of the company saw State Ministers, MPs, MLAs, industry icons in their respective businesses, industry body representatives, and almost all the top bureaucrats gathering to witness a dream of the Government of making Jharkhand a leading investment destination getting translated into reality.

The event which was made possible within 100 days of GIS was also seen as a reply to those questioning very purpose of GIS and allegedly running round discouraging investors in the potential of the State. The CM warned such forces during the event and said that any effort by anyone to malign very image of the State as an emerging investment destination would be thrashed away and law will take its own route to punch them hard if they were ever found venturing into any plan to play with the interests of the State.

This groundbreaking cum ceremony day brings over Rs700 crores of investment and over 21,000 direct employment opportunities for local youth in not more than six months. Orient Craft Limited was the showstopper on Thursday’s lot with investment size of over Rs200 crores and employment opportunities for over 15,000 youth within six months in its upcoming textile park which will house 25 textile units in its premises in Hotwar area. Shahi Exports and Matrix Clothing were other major employment generators with former providing 2,200 and latter providing 1,000 jobs at an investment of Rs34 Crores and Rs60 crores respectively. At the same time, all three projects inaugurated on the day belong to Kaveri Agri Warehousing which will be operating warehousing units in Nagri (Ranchi), Bokaro and Gumla with a total investment size of Rs30.5 crores.

All the units inaugurated or groundbroken cover diverse sectors including textiles, food and feed processing, warehousing, footwear, drugs, hospitals and health services, bio medical waste treatment, cold chain.

Industries Secretary and Secretary to the CM Sunil Kumar Barnwal said in his opening remarks that the State had come a long way to make investments like this in the State possible. “We had done two types of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) during GIS. Under worth translated into reality in short-term, we focused on industries and units for the short term which provided maximum number of employment in minimum amount of investment. We are also focusing on long term investments, which will be grounded within another 3 years,” said Barnwal.

The CM also repeated his version on CNT/SPT amendments and said that anything which was required to be changed, moulded or simplified for well-being of the State would be done at any cost. “No one can snatch anyone’s land without consent. Handful of people who kept on playing with the fate of the poor and deprived for last 14 years are playing with the feelings and emotions of tribals and natives only for their vested political interests. These anti-development forces want State to remain poor, now on the name of land, and I am not going to let it happen at any cost,” said CM.

Thanking the investors for bestowing their faith in the State, the CM also said that some people were working from behind the curtain to damage image of State and they will have to face the heat of law. Ministers Saryu Roy, Ramchandra Chandravanshi, Luis Marandi, CP Choudhary, Neera Yadav and Raj Paliwar, MPs Ramtahal Choudhary, D Ram, Mahesh Poddar, Radhakrishna Kishore and Shivshanker Oraon,  MLAs Jeetu Charan Ram, Ram Kumar Pahan and Gangotri Kujoor, Chief Secretary Rajbala Verma, Additional Chief Secretary and Development Commissioner Amit Khare, Principal Secretary to the CM Sanjay Kumar and other government officials and public representatives were also present to witness the event on the day. 




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