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Administration on toes ahead of poll and festivals

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Two mass festivals Sarhul and Ramnavmi falling during the notified municipal poll period have made Palamu administration cautious to prevent any political party or political leader from taking undue advantage.

DC Ameet Kumar said, “Celebrate these two festivals with all fervor and religious piety but if any one dares to mix festivity with vote politics then the administration will come down heavily upon them.”

“ Carry your religious emblems in these festivals, sing your religious songs full throated but if there comes any sound or innuendo  of political campaigning in the garb of the festivity then be ready for stern action,” reminded the DC after a meeting.

Civic polls and two mass festivals will be a big strain on the administration as candidates are expected to pull out all stops to convert these congregations into their political campaigning and here the civil and police officials will be on guard throughout.

“There would be no deployment of CRPF during the civic polls and administration will manage with its own district police force and state police including IRB etc,” said Indrajeet Mahatha, SP Palamu.

Palamu administration has set up 188 polling booths for the civic polls out of which 133 polling booths are alone for 35 ward election in the Medininagar Nagar Nigam.  Sources said all eyes are on this Medininagar poll where the stakes of the gangsters are too high. Sources said gangsters are sending blessings from various jails here to their favourites to fight to finish!

However, as a tactical move, the administration has not categorised any of its booth as sensitive, super sensitive or hypersensitive at places where poll is due on April 16.

The DC and the SP both said in their joint press conference on Tuesday that categorisation of booths for its sensitivity will be done once it is final who the contestants are in the rings. Faces and past record of the contestants will be the deciding factor behind the categorisation of booth on the scale of sensitivity etc.

“Past history of polling booth like incident of any violence, booth capturing, intimidation of weaker section voters etc will also be taken into account before tagging the booths for security point of view,” added Kumar.

18 and above youths who got themselves enrolled till January 10 when the final publication of electoral roll was done will cast their vote or contest election only as there will not be any inclusion or deletion of any one’s name asserted Kumar.

Indrajeet Mahatha said there would be a total security cover for the polls and anyone showing any aberrations will be dealt with under suitable provisions of law of the land.




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