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BJP Palamu MP goes hi-tech, launches IVRS for electorates

| | Daltonganj | in Ranchi

Palamu BJP MP VD Ram has launched Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) on Saturday to stay connected to the people of his Lok Sabha constituency 24x7. The IVR system has been prepared by a USA company, said the MP. However, the MP neither say the cost of this software nor did he reveal the source of money which financed the project.

Behind this IVR system worked the passion and zeal of VD Ram’s daughter Smita who in her 59 second speech said, “When I was studying in Boston people there asked me as to where Bharat is and when I reached Delhi people wanted to know where Palamu is.” With this IVR people will know about India and Palamu both. The impressive gathering in the town hall here where the IVRS was launched clapped for her enthusiastically.

Many in the gathering said this girl has the potentiality to become a political figure too. The IVR will record 30 calls a time. The recorded message can be retrieved also. There is also a call back facility. It will give information on various schemes of the Government of India.

On being asked why he had gone for this hi tech connectivity to his people, VD Ram said “Parliament sessions run longer  and during the session no MP can take calls as calls are jammed. However my electorates think I am not taking their calls deliberately. This causes misunderstanding and mistrust. With this IVR I will be listening to them during my non-session time where ever I remain.” The launching of IVRS was nicknamed as Sampark Palamu: Saansad Sey Samwad. Every one in the gathering lauded the effort from VC to political leaders.          




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