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City gets Thalassemia detection, treatment centre

| | Jamshedpur | in Ranchi

City-based Anurag Foundation a trust working for the welfare of children suffering from Thalassemia inaugurated a Thalassemia detection and treatment centre at at Dr Abhishek's childcare and maternity Hospital on Thursday.

Dr S K Jha, CDMO was the chief guest to inaugurate the Anurag foundation facility at this hospital. 

Secretary of the foundation, Vijaylaxmi Das said that Thalassemia is a severe type of Anaemia which cannot be controlled by any medication.  It is not a disease but, a genetic disorder passed on from parents who are carriers to the children.  Frequent blood transfusions, usually once a month or three weeks are necessary for the survival of the child. It is a lifelong process and is a lifeline for the child. Expensive medicines are required to keep the iron overload balanced in the body during transfusions.

The foundation had established a free blood Transfusion centre in the premises of A.D.M. Hospital where transfusion and related facilities were given free of charge under the guidance of their staff. But now A.D.M.Hospital authorities have conveyed their inability to allow them to work from their premises. Dr Abhishek Childcare and Maternity Hospital ho has offered his place to continue our work under his supervision.

“Jharkhand is a highly Thalassemia- prone Zone. Our aim is to care for the children under our care and work for prevention to make Jharkhand completely free of Thalassemia. We need support from all,” noted another member. 




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