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CMC gets fund, ready to spend Rs 30.62 cr on development

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Chas Municipal Corporation (CMC) got funds from 14 Finance Commission for development and beautifications of its wards. The Corporation has planned to spend Rs 30.62 crore on various related works, informed Bholu Paswan, Mayor of CMC.   

“Now we are preparing DPR (details project report) of all works. It would be submitted by Wednesday for the approval of State high-level monitoring committee,” added Mayor.

Under the development plan, projects have been chosen as per priority in the concerned wards. As soon as the project gets the approval by State high-level monitoring committee, the tender would be executed for the work, said Paswan.

“We have plan to spend Rs 9.91 crore to construct roads across the six wards and PCC road would be constructed in ward no 23, 24 and 25 with an estimated cost of Rs 85 lakhs. Similarly, we have plan to beautify six ponds in our municipal area with an estimated investment of Rs 8.66 crore rupees,” he said.

“Rs 1.25 lakh has been planned to spend on Purana Bandh Talab, Rs 85 lakh on Bholur Bandh, Rs 92 lakh on Nutan Bandh, Rs 82 lakh on Mayur Bandh and Rs 1.02 lakh would be spend on the beatification of Budhi Bandh,” he added.

CMC also prepared a work plan to construct a Town Hall with an estimated cost of Rs 10 crore . Land for that has been identified in the ward no 31 for construction. Parking and Paver block would be constructed on both side of the roads form Dharamshala More to ITI more with an investment of Rs 1.50 crore , he informed.

“We are determined to cater to more facilities for all those living within municipal limits. These include better roads, round-the-clock drinking water facilities, better drainage system, parks, well-lit roads, timely disposal of garbage, installation of hand pumps besides other amenities,” said Mayor.

“Focus will be on core infrastructure services like adequate and clean water supply, sanitation and solid waste management, efficient urban mobility and public transport, affordable housing for the poor, power supply, robust information technology connectivity, governance, safety and security of citizens, health and education, and sustainable urban environment,” he added.

 The State planning authority committee earmarked Rs 311.30 crore funds for implementation of Solid Waste Management component under CMC. The Management of solid waste includes collection, dumping and processing of the waste; private agencies would be engaged for transportation of solid waste from the source, he said adding “we are on the move it would be come-up soon,” he said.




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