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Daltonganj, Jamshedpur police collab to nab bank fraudster

| | DALTONGANJ | in Ranchi

Daltonganj police are in touch with Jamshedpur police for the arrest of a bank fraudster identified as Kaushik Sarkar who through his hired men and women here have fraudulently transferred about 25 lakhs of rupees from one account to other in the month of July.

SP Palamu Indrajeet Mahatha said these two fraudulent transfer of cash from one account to other has taken place in 2 branches of SBI in a span of just ten days time.

SP said Redma branch of SBI saw a transfer of Rs 6.50 lakhs from the account of RS Namdhari to Anil Kumar.

SBI’s ADB branch Jail Hata saw the transfer of Rs 18.31 lakhs from the account of M L Kedia to one rural woman Mamta Devi

SP said in both the cases the victims Namdhari and Kedia were in total dark about this transfer of cash from their respective accounts.

Cloned cheques are feared to have been used in this case.  

 SP said Jamshedpur based Sarkar has his dubious men and women here in Daltonganj /Lesliganj who indulge in this fraud for a premium of just Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000.

SP said the roles of the 2 branches of SBI is not above board as there are many ticklish points where banks could have exercised more caution.

Police have remanded in judicial custody two persons Pawan and Lalit. Sarkar is evading arrest.

Jamshedpur police too are after him as a similar offence of fraudulent transfer of cash has taken place in Jamshedpur worth Rs 40 lakhs of rupees.  Police just do not know how to retrieve these wrongful transfer of cash from the account of Namdhari and Kedia.




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