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Deprived kids get lessons on SBM

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The lesser fortunate kids struggling hard to make both ends meet may just have heard or been told about the sanitation practices.

However, on Saturday, they witnessed the importance of hygiene on silver screen as few underprivileged kids who have been rescued from brick kiln factories including those who hail from humble background watched the much talked about social satire ‘Toilet-EK Prem Katha’. For some it may be just a normal social venture but these kids got an important lesson of their life.

Nature is not a toilet…..the punchline of the of Bollywood’s latest flick ‘Toilet-Ek Prem Katha’ may be hard to adhere to by the elders but children, the pillars of our nation may help in achieving Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of clean India.

Considering the compassion among the kids and the concept of the movie

approximately 388 deprived children in the State capital took a movie break from

their monotonous routine work. 

With the objective to inculcate right hygiene habits among kids and to share the vision of PM, Narendra Modi ‘To make India open Defecation Free by 2018’, special screening of the movie was done for the children at PVR Cinemas, Ranchi.

As by the Government, construction of toilets is considered to be a vital component in improving the country’s sanitation standards then what else can be the best way than motivating kids from different sects of society to promote the habit of hygiene among one and all.  

Taking into account the fact that cinemas are considered as a reflection of society and can play a pivotal role in creating awareness regarding critical issues, BookASmile (BAS), the charity initiative of India’s largest online entertainment ticketing platform BookMyShow in collaboration with Round Table India had organised pan-India screenings of the movie Toilet- Ek Prem Katha.

The students of Balika Siksha Ucchya Vidyalaya, NGO ASHA and Yogada Satsang Vidyalaya got a reason to smile while spending some quality time with their friends. All the three chapters of Ranchi Round Table –Ranchi Anchorage 160, Ranchi Samaritans 244 and Ranchi Utopians 284 participated jointly to make this event a succees.




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