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Hazaribagh developing on a fast pace: Jaiswal

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Hazaribagh MLA Manish Jaiswal released a book comprising the achievements of the last three years of his tenure. He said that during these years Hazaribagh has developed fast and it can be hoped that within the next two years it will be the top town as per its population status not only of the state but also of the country.

Giving credit to CM Raghubar Das, MP Jayant Sinha and BJP veteran Yashwant Sinha, Jaiswal said that the trio helped him in making impossible into possible. He said that during last three years Hazaribagh has got developmental schemes of hundreds of crores while in past 15 year it was only about 20 crores.

Talking about the achievements Manish said that within one year every tola of the constituency will get connected with concrete road, every house will get electricity connection and about 80 per cent population will start getting drinking water facility through pipelines. Giving details of every schemes going on in the constituency he said that in the field of education, health, electricity etc. many works have been started and many are in pipeline.

Talking about the 108 scheme, saubhagya scheme, CM health insurance scheme etc. he said that the vision of Modi and Das Government is very clear. We are working to uplift the living standard of every denizen. Those who talk about secularism, castism etc. are actually lying and are trying to fool the people.

Talking about the burning problem of Hazaribagh related with Khas mahal land he informed that the State Government has decided to renew the leases of all those which had lapsed. It is a win-win decision for both citizens and Government because now renewal of lease will cost only 20% of the actual rate of the land payable within 30 years.

He also said that regarding resumed Khas mahal land the Government has ordered the district administration to send a report so that any decision could be taken.

He clearly said that Governments job is to give shelter to its citizens not to demolish their shelters. 




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