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Limping elephant in PTR a suspected victim of blast

| | DALTONGANJ | in Ranchi

A limping elephant in the south division of the Palamu Tiger Reserve over the last three days has raised the apprehension and worry of the officials if this elephant too is a victim of land mine explosion as the one last year which got its leg devastated in a land mine explosion in this division.

Sources said there is a serious wound on the right hind leg of this male adult elephant and the elephant is writhing with pain.

Sources said on the first two days this elephant mustered courage and walked down a range of 20 Kms but on the third day it is tired, exhausted and aggressive.

A K Mishra deputy director PTR confirming the sighting of a limping male adult elephant in Bareysarn and then in Mangra protected forest said its right hind leg is wounded but refused to comment on the wound like if caused by gunshot, injury in land mine explosion as the whole of South division of PTR is dotted with CPI Maoists booby traps in the shape of IEDs.

M P Singh chief conservator of forest cum field director PTR said we cannot hazard a guess as to what caused this wound or injury to this male adult elephant.

He said the elephant is most restless and is not staying for any longer period at one place hence its tranquilizing is getting difficult.

Mishra too said the elephant is aggressive and hence our men who want to reach medical help find it hard to even see if the wound is caused by any piercing of wood, explosion of land mine or shot by gun.

Dr Ajay a vet is ready but the elephant is giving PTR team a hard time as it keeps moving  and in such a condition no darting is possible.

Sources said if this elephant is found down with injuries caused by land mine explosion then it will be the second case of Maoists’ infliction on jumbo in PTR as last year a male elephant had so died of the injuries caused by Maoists’ laid land mines explosion. 




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