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Liquor mafia sent to jail for 14 days

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Liquor mafia Prahlad Singhania, kingpin behind the illicit liquor trade claiming more than a dozen of lives last month, earlier used to run a general store before he got the formula of making liquor from a liquor factory owner and then there was no looking back. Singhania was produced before the court in Ranchi following his arrest from Jamshedpur late in the night on Tuesday and was sent in judicial custody for 14 days.

“Singhania was arrested from his brother in-law’s house under Golmuri police station in Jamshedpur on Tuesday night after getting a tip off from reliable sources,” said DSP HQ 1 Amit Kumar Kacchap. He is the prime accused in Namkum police station case number 2015/17 along with his brother Naresh Singhania and several others, he added.

“During interrogation he revealed that he had been in the trade since 1998 and the formula used by him for preparing duplicate liquor brands was next to original due to which people could not differentiate between the two and hence his business flourished like anything,” said the DSP. As the demand of liquor produced by him increased, his business flourished and gradually he was joined by his younger brother Naresh Singhnia in the year 2008, he added.

“The formula for preparing liquor was known only to Prahlad Singhnia who never disclosed it to anybody so that it could not be copied by anyone else affecting his business adversely,” said Kacchap. He has also named over 15 more people who supported him in his business which is subject to verification, added the DSP.

The DSP assured that his younger brother will soon be in their net as several facts have been disclosed by the elder brother.

Singhania was later produced before the vacation court of Judicial Magistrate Kumar Vipul in Ranchi and was sent to jail for 14 days.

“As of now he has been sent in judicial custody but we will soon plead for his remand before the court so that more facts related to the trade and other people involved in it could be disclosed,” said he DSP.

Incidentally, more than 500 empty bottles of liquor along with duplicate wrappers of different brands along with two trucks of other articles used for brewing liquor were recovered from the godowns of liquor mafia Prahlad Singhania located at Namkum and several other places during a campaign launched following deaths of large number of people due to consumption of illicit liquor in Ranchi. 




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