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Minister orders to deploy ‘Safai Dost’ at puja pandals

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Deployment of ‘Safai Dost’ at puja pandals has been made mandatory to keep the Capital City clean during the festive season. Urban Development Minister CP Singh during a meeting on Wednesday with Durga Puja Committee members along with the officials of Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) asked them to deploy personnel at pandals for managing disposal of wastes.

The waste materials generated on daily basis must be segregated as per the rules described in newly formulated Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 said the Minister. Making mandatory for street vendors to keep dustbins, the pandal samiti members have to ensure that the separated thrashes are wrapped in black polythene bags and then must be handed over to the cleaning staffs.

Also, all make-shift meat shops operating near puja pandals will be removed by the Municipal Corporation team assured the Minister. Singh said that Ranchi Municipal Rules must be considered by the puja committee members while putting advertisement hoardings.

Dividing the work among the officials of RMC, requisition letters must be submitted to the RMC staffs from September 16 while the officials will take up the maintenance work from September 20. RMC Officials have been made responsible for checking all technical glitches like installation of street lights, repairing of HYDT, cleanliness of streets, filling pits and ensuring availability of water tankers before September 24.

Singh asked the elected representatives and administrative heads to set a time for fixing all technical glitches besides carrying out the cleanliness tasks at different wards. Separate arrangement of modular toilets at all possible spots near puja pandals must be taken care of by the puja committee members as well instructed the Minister during the meeting.

Addressing other major issues, Singh also promised that the pits that have emerged during the process of underground caballing tasks taken up by Department of Road Construction will be filled up soon. Identification of such spots has been completed by the RMC team. 




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