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MP’s concern over Palamu’s problems

| | DALTONGANJ | in Ranchi

Palamu MP Vishnu Dayal Ram is back from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's training and is right on the job here talking of issues that affect the people of his Lok Sabha constituency. Here the BJP MP shared his plan, strategy and concern with The Pioneer.

A total of 601 villages in Palamu Lok Sabha constituency are without any sort of electricity connection. He said there is neither any pole nor any cables. Ram said he has taken up this matter with the State Electricity Board chairman.

On MNREGA, the BJP MP is concerned saying 600 MNREGA wells are running incomplete and this is no sign of any rural development in the district of Palamu

A less than 40 mm rainfall this June augurs too ill for Palamu Lok Sabha constituency which comprises whole of Garhwa district and 4 Assembly segments of Palamu, said the BJP MP asking the State disaster management department to be up if rains further fail this rain shadow constituency in the coming months of July and August. The BJP MP wanted State machinery to be tough reiterating PM Modi's stand that controls hoarding of essential food items which is the responsibility of the State Government.

The BJP MP expressed concern over the lack of amenities for passengers at the railway reservation counter in the Daltonganj railway station which is a model one. There is no seat for any passengers out for reservation in the complex besides no separate reservation counter for senior citizen. The BJP MP assured to get it done. On Indira Awas, Old Age pension and Red Cards, the BJP MP said “The less said the better.”

He referred to a family of two, a blind man and woman in Garhwa district's Meral wherein the man is a paralytic but this couple has no BPL number and as such they are out of the State relief, neither any Indira Awas nor any old age pension since both are 60 plus in age.

The PM Modi's class of his MPs in Surajkund has begun to show its effect as this ex-DGP VD Ram who loved talking of assault, combat against Naxals is now well-versed in upliftment of the under dogs and has a keenness for development. Ram said that withen the month he will have his strategy open to tackle the issues confronting the masses here. He did not reveal his strategy however.




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