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Over 35,000 children receive vaccination

| | Garhwa | in Ranchi

Altogether 35,585 children administered vaccine of Japanese Encephalitis in the district by April 19.

According to Dr. N K Razak,out of 35585 , 6393 are from the age of 1 to 5 yrs, 12303 are the age group of 5 to 10 yrs and 16889 childrens from the age group of 10 t0 15  have been administered administered the vaccine.The vaccination programme is going on.

Often, the Japanese encephalitis virus is transmitted through mosquitoes that usually breed in flooded rice fields. The virus then circulates in birds, uses pigs as an amplifying host and infects mosquitoes. When the infected mosquito population builds up, the disease spills over into the human population, said Dr. Razak.

“The disease starts as a fever, and can be accompanied by altered sensorium  a feeling of drowsiness, disorientation and movement disorders.

There is no specific treatment available only supportive treatment is given. It can be fatal but a complete recovery is also possible. Some people are left with residual effects since it affects the brain,” Dr. Razak added. 




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