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Probe into death of passenger who raised bomb hoax

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Chakradharpur railway division has started a probe into the incident in which a 40-year-old passenger had jumped from a running train to death near Lotapahad station. He jumped from the Azad Hind Express at Goelkera under the Chakradharpur railway division on Thursday.

 The railway authority are trying to find out exactly why was passenger, Ananth Bora, was not handed over to an escort party on Mumbai Mail for his safe journey. Bora was a resident of Assam and was returning from Pune. The railway police had recovered a ticket from Pune to Howrah, voter-I card, PAN card and Aadhar card from his possession beside his cellphone from the spot near Lotapahad station where his body was found on Thursday morning.

Senior divisional commercial manager, Chakradharpur, Bhasker confirmed about the probe into the tragic death of a railway passenger who had raised a bomb hoax in the Pune-Howrah Azad Hind Express after jumping from the running train near Goelkera station under Chakradharpur division past Thursday midnight.

 "We are probing into the circumstance exactly why was the passenger who was injured after jumping from the running Azad Hind Express allowed to travel on Mumbai Mail alone and was not handed over to an escort party or Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel who were in the train," said the senior DCM.

Bhasker said after the man had jumped from the Azad Hind Express near Goelkera station, the railway officials had rescued him and administered first-aid.

"The station master, Goelkera had subsequently stopped Mumbai-Howrah Mumbai Mail at the Goelkera and made the passenger to board the train in a reserved compartment so that the man would reach to his destination in Howrah," said the senior railway official.

Bhasker said that passenger had raised a bomb hoax on the Azad Hind Express, leading the railway police to carry out a thorough check of the train at the Tatanagar station, but this is an another aspect of the incident which will also be probed. 




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