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Resource starved police go for criminal hunting

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A couple of examples of quick response by the police and traffic personnel after instances of snatching in the city, and a new face of pro-public-police vividly came into light last week. Will this face of serving people in the need keep on glowing at least for some time? “Oh yes, hopefully forever with lesser and improved response time in future,” says City Superintendent of Police (SP) Aman Kumar.

The city which has remained on the target of goons during recent weeks with cases of bank robbery, snatching, bike theft, theft under dark in shops and apartments and gunpoint loot only on rise, the police have orchestrated in-depth plan to nab such anti-social elements.

“The plan moves around better inter-departmental coordination, optimum utilization of whatever resources available with the police, and crime-category focused response,” said Kumar on Sunday.

Notably, Chief Minister Raghubar Das had in a meeting with police captains of all the districts and senior police officials on Friday last week asked them to control crime at any cost. He had directed all of them to control crime and enhance informer network to foil possible incidents, as investors willing to or ready to come to Jharkhand wanted a fearless environment for business.

“We are working on enhancing inter-departmental co-ordination, primarily with traffic one, for quick response and we have been successful in nabbing couples of snatchers last week. We have made changes in police patrolling, and we have also worked on mapping of the areas, targets, timing, modus operandi and the vehicles used in theft and snatching on the basis of previous records,” said Kumar.

However, Kumar couldn’t hide his concern over shortage of manpower and technology-backed support in the process. “Roughly, we have been managing policing in the city with around half of the desired numbers.

Moreover, the police can’t be omnipresent and we need to have technology support like CCTV at important locations, budgetary provision for which has remained a longstanding demand. However, we are trying our best to perform under all kinds of resource hunger,” said Kumar.

Traffic SP Sanjay Ranjan Singh too said that induction of technology oriented advancements was the only way ahead in changing times like this. “Technology support is a must and we are missing it badly. However, we are trying to have better coordination among all those personnel on roads to curb crime,” added Singh.

Notably, increasing number of crime had forced police to constitute a Special Investigation Team (SIT) last month headed by SSP Kuldeep Dwivedi. The team comprising City SP, Sadar and Kotwali DSPs and OCs of police stations went on analyzing the modus operandi and other important facts of criminal activities taken place in city in past weeks, which helped it nabbing a number of snatchers and bike thefts.




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