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Students present street play on ‘educational terrorism’

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Targeting the education system of the country, young students presented a street play on Monday.

The street play ‘Educational Terrorism’ was all about the pressure, anxiety and worries a student goes through. Directed by Deepika Yadav, the play was beautifully presented by the Akhil Bharatiya Vidhyatrthi Parishad (ABVP) Tarunayi Nukkad Natak Troupe.

The play that was presented at MP Nagar and New Market shared a story of a student ‘Saksham’ The name of the student was used deliberately, it means the potential, so it was not a mere name but a sign representing the current situation of education in society.

Saksham is a village boy who comes to city for his higher studies. He was weak in language. Wherever he went, he faced struggle.

Even his college mates, teachers and parents were not so much supporting.

Saksham was tired of being abused and struggling. His teachers promoted their personal coaching classes and never cleared his doubts. He saw his dream vanishing off somewhere in the whirl of bribe. When it was the time to apply for a job, the recruiters instead of considering his marsheets and degrees asked for money as bribe. When Saksham had no other option, he committed suicide and the play ended on a sad note.

While talking to The Pioneer, Director of the play Deepika said, “This street play focused on educational business, pressure by teachers, parents and the entire education system on a student and lack of education. Through this play we wanted to spread the awareness about loop holes in education system.”




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