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Swine flu alert issued in State

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The State Health Department has issued an alert on swine flu and released an advisory on the disease to all the Chief Medical Officers (CMO). 

The Director General (DG) of State Health Services Dr DS Rawat convened an emergency meeting of the department officials on Saturday. In the meeting the Director General was informed that all the districts have anti-viral medicines in sufficient numbers.

He said there was no need for people to panic about swine flu disease in Uttarakhand. The swine flu spreads by droplet infection by sneezing and coughing of the patients affected by the disease.

The DG said swine flu patients are divided into three categories. In ‘A’ category patient suffers from mild fever and irritation in throat. The patients of this category should be isolated at home and there is no need of swine flu test and medication for the patient.

The patients of ‘B’ category are characterized by high fever and the patient need isolation and should be administered Oseltamivir (Tami flu) medicine.

The DG said if a patient is suffering from breathlessness, low blood pressure along with symptoms of A and B category than he is put under category ‘C’.  Such patients should be isolated, hospitalised, should be administered Tami flu and needed to be tested for swine flu.

The Health department has also asked all district and base hospitals to set up isolation wards for suspected cases of swine flu.

The disease is called swine flu as genetic structure of H1 N1 virus is similar to the virus infecting the pigs (swine).




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