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Terminate membership of Mishra: Ajay Singh

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Leader of the Opposition in the State Assembly Ajay Singh has said that the Ministers in the State Government should have gone to the Assembly Speaker requesting him to terminate membership of Minister Narottam Mishra.

 Singh was commenting on the visit of three cabinet ministers to the Speaker requesting him to take action against the leader of the opposition for his remarks.

Singh further said that the ECI has already declared Narottam Mishra as ineligible and in this situation, if Mishra does no submit his resignation, a major constitutional crisis would occur in the history of Madhya Pradesh assembly. He also pointed out that in past 15 days he has written several letters to the State government, but none was replied.

Singh said that it is the old strategy of the BJP to divert the attention from the main issue and thus instead of taking prompt action against its minister, the BJP leaders are out to make an issue out of Singh’s statement.

 He claimed that his party always believed in democratic parliamentary process and would continue doing so.

This is the act of BJP that it never honours constitutional institutions and their decisions, he added. Talking about the incident of recovery of explosives from the Uttar Pradesh assembly, Singh suspected that BJP could be involved in the incident as it always believes in creating panic among the public. He claimed this is the culture of the BJP.

Singh further said that at a time, when Mishra has been denied any relief from even double bench of the Delhi High Court, the opposition would strongly oppose him democratically, if he reaches the State assembly.




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