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Varieties of trendy caps flood market

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May it be the traditional cap or the fancy one with embroidery of vibrant coloured thread; the varieties of caps are being loved by the Bhopalites. From traditional Bhopali topi to Punjabi topi to Himachal’s pahari topi with a touch of latest design is in market for men this Eid.

The festival of Eid is just on the door step and the people of Bhopal are busy in the preparation for Eid-ul-Fitr. As the season of festivity is here, the market streets are all set for it and the preparations are being carried out in its full swing.

The markets of the city are bustling with shopaholics buying the stuff they like. Besides, with the festival of Eid approaching, not only ladies but gents of the city too are getting crazier for shopping.

The most interesting part of celebrating Eid for men is their traditional attire. The head caps add the charm to their Eid attire. When worn with a pathani suit it gives a charismatic look to the attire of men. The men wear different types of caps on the Eid morning to offer prayers. Nothing speaks fashion as much as the traditional Bhopali during Eid

The market is bustling with different types of head caps. There are stalls putting up the latest designs for men to wear this Eid. Whether people opt for a simple design for the Eid mornings or something fancier for the invites at night, these caps will always ooze an aura of class, sophistication and tradition.

Shafeeq Ahmad, a cap seller at Nadeem Road says, “These caps are a must on Eid day. It is a habit of real fashion freaks that they do not repeat the same cap they worn last Eid. So we have got a variety which satisfies all those fashion freaks.”

He said most of the material is brought from Mumbai and New Delhi.

Another shopkeeper, Mohammad Nasir said, “We have got vibrant variety of Himachal’s pahari topis. But, these caps come with a difference as they are embedded with beautiful embroidery and sequins work. People love this kind of caps; especially the kids are getting fond of it.”




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