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Dancing Pikachu yanked off stage after costume deflates

Staff at a Pokemon event in South Korea pulled a dancing Pikachu off the stage after its costume began to malfunction. Video shared to YouTube by user Green Lime showed about a dozen performers dressed as Pikachu dancing to various radio hits at the Pokemon World Festival in Songdo when the Pikachu at the front of the formation began to deflate after performing a solo.

One of the backing dancers tapped the Pikachu on the shoulder and members of the crowd began pointing at the gradually deflating costume when several men suddenly rushed the stage to whisk the dancer to the side. The men and the deflated Pikachu left the frame as more staff members can be seen rushing to the area. After about 3 minutes, the crowd began to applaud as staff attempted to escort the dancer back into the crowd for the finale.



Gordy the goat is rescued from kidnappers

Call it a ‘kid’-napping. When St. Paul, Minnesota, police early Friday searched a GMC Yukon Denali that had crashed following a chase, they found an unlikely victim in the cargo area.

Four people fled the sports-utility vehicle, but Gordy the goat was found lying down with an orange electrical cord around his neck.

Police said Gordy had been abducted at Indian Mounds Park from a herd of goats that had been rented by the St. Paul Parks and Recreation department. Their job: To eat invasive plants on a difficult-to-reach bluff along the Mississippi River. It was the St. Paul Police Department’s first known case of goat-thieving, said spokesman Steve Linders. The motive is still a mystery.

“I wish I knew,” said Clare Cloyd, a spokeswoman from St. Paul Parks and Recreation, which was only three days into its experiment with the goat herd when the theft occurred. Linders said two 29-year-old men were arrested on potential charges of gross misdemeanour theft and fleeing police. Gordy was returned unharmed to the park.



former deputy mayor to revive burlesque career for charity

A former deputy mayor in New Jersey is resurrecting her career as a burlesque dancer for charity. Former Jersey City deputy mayor Leona Beldini will take the stage as Hope Diamond for the first time in more than 40 years.

She tells The Jersey Journal she won’t be dancing three months after knee surgery, but she can “still strut a little bit”. She won’t be stripping either, although she may “take off a glove”. Beldini, who is in her early 80s, was a deputy mayor under Jerramiah Healy and arrested in 2009. She was sentenced to prison in 2012 for a bribery conviction and released in 2014. In the early 1950s, she was known as the “gem of the exotics”. Though she bared mostly all, Beldini says “by today’s standards, we were nuns”. The May 11 fundraiser will benefit the city’s Kennedy Dancers company.



Muscular kangaroo’s keeper suggests officials build statue

The keeper of a kangaroo that rose to international fame for his muscular physique suggested the marsupial should be immortalised with a statue.

Chris “Brolga” Barnes, star of the BBC’s Kangaroo Dundee and operator of the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs, suggested a statue of Roger the kangaroo be included in plans to revitalise the Todd Mall in Alice Springs, Northern Territory. Barnes said Roger, a 7-foot ‘roo who became famous online for his impressive muscles, is one of Alice Springs’ most famous residents. “Roger has recently been recognised as one of the 10 most famous animals in the world,” Barnes told NT News. “Photos and videos of Roger go viral all the time because he’s world-renowned as being really muscular, with a great physique.”

Barnes raised Roger at the sanctuary after rescuing him as a baby from his dead mother’s pouch. The kangaroo, now 12, is living in “retirement” at the sanctuary. The Northern Territory government recently announced plans to invest nearly $15 million to revitalise the Todd Mall, with a further $750,000 allocated to bring a collection of fossils to the mall for display. Barnes suggested a statue of Roger would help drum up tourist interest in the mall.


Stolen Ronald McDonald statue found undamaged

A life-size Ronald McDonald statue stolen from a McDonald’s in New Jersey last month has been found. But authorities are keeping mum about where it was found and who took it. Hunterdon County prosecutors say the 250-pound fibreglass statue of the clown character sitting on a bench was taken from the McDonald’s restaurant in Clinton. They announced Friday that it had been found but declined to comment further. Restaurant owners Phil and Diane Koury say the statue wasn’t damaged. They plan to move it to a secure location and will have it refurbished and repainted as part of ongoing restaurant renovations. A $500 reward had been offered for information about the theft.





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