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Astroturf : Explore self to be at one’s best

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Astroturf : Explore self to be at one’s best

Nature is a unified organism, which moves in an orderly fashion. That is how it has been doing its rounds in perfect harmony and balance with all its field players, ever since it has come into offing. That, however, would be possible only when all existences move in conformity with the callings of larger orderliness of nature, which includes human beings.

Truth remains that by and large all existences, but for human beings, follow the self-evolved design parameters driving them, and with no scope for making any exception. For, they don’t have discriminatory abilities. Human beings, on the contrary, come with a difference.  They enjoy the freedom to make choices. So, they are at liberty to follow a self-designated path. This doesn’t mean that one is free to move on one’s whims and fancies. Given the freedom option, one can do that, but then one shall have to be prepared to bear with the consequences thereof. For, there is no scope for having a free lunch in this world.

Now given the fact that all human beings are born unique, each reflecting varying mind-traits, the choices one makes, often comes in conflict with others. So, the living world turns out to be a natural breeding ground for conflict of interests. Evidently, it will not allow an easy go in life. The question now is: How to overcome this limitation?

Nature has already offered us the clue. It is now for us to draw lessons out of it. Mind it, cosmos has in its womb an unaccountable number of field players, each respectively following its own track, and moving at one’s own exclusive speed. Yet, they all remain in perfect harmony and balance with each other, because they all remain true to the callings of larger orderliness of nature.

The fact that we human beings too happen to be an inseparable part of the universe, it becomes incumbent upon us to become aware of existential dynamics. Accordingly, prove true to its callings. The paradox, however, is that human beings often fail to move on expected lines. Carried over by indwelling sense of freedom, they seldom care to be in know of the existential dynamics. And therefore, often become out of sync with its callings.  Consequently, they suffer individually, and evidently with related bearing on at least those around, if not the society at large.

It’s not that we humans happen to be such fools who would be consciously inviting their problems. They do it out of ignorance, coming as it may with all the elemental and self-acquired limitations of mind. We are all necessarily born with five elemental limitations – limited creativity; limitations of knowledge; lack of sense of fullness, and therefore, crave for what is wanting; limitations of time by which we measure things in terms of present, past, and future; and limitation of causality and space. The limitation of causality, which makes us bound to a cause-effect chain, further keeps adding on to our self-acquired limitations.

All put together limits the scope of our vision. Mind, the prime-mover of a being, thus fails to have access to major part of the landscape or our mind, and thereby it’s indwelling potential. But, if we expand our vision, and could access, unfold, and optimise our mind power, one would know no limits. Given the choice option we have, and which is duly aided by the faculty of discriminate intelligence, we could achieve this end through conscious efforts. Provided, we first look within to know our own self – potential and vulnerabilities both included. Following which necessary correction could be done to come out with one’s best. The irony, however, is that often our ego, doesn’t let us dispassionately observe our own self. Astrology comes handy in this respect.

Let us now see how a very potential guy has failed to capitalise on his immense potentials because of indwelling vulnerabilities. Towards his astrological pointers, the main marker is the Sun conjunct Neptune, but both ill-disposed off to Uranus, Mars, and Saturn. The obvious implication, in the first place, is that the person would be charming and very popular, having strong artistic and musical sense and abilities. But, is habitually argumentative, so much so that if ever some good counsel is offered, he will first look for a counter logic. More so, because, he has a negative mind-set, is temperamental, unconventional, tactless, and ordinarily remains stuck to his preconditioning.  These frailties do not let his potential bloom out in full. And the result is there to see.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Write to him G-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi – 110 025

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