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Astroturf | Life is to be seen in continuation

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Astroturf | Life is to be seen in continuation

Someone forwarded a news article to me. It dealt with the causes of depression and abnormal mental traits in in adult life. It was forwarded by a person who recently played a suicidal drama, purposely staged to attract the attention of his so called love mate, who of late seemed to be getting distanced from him. Though stage managed, but the person did injure himself.  Now that the melodrama is past, he feels guilty. So, he is trying to figure out why after all he got into such a misadventure. This person had unsuccessfully made suicidal attempts earlier also. The question is, why a repeat? On the advice of a dear friend, he got in touch with a therapist, who ascribed the cause to imprints of traumatic childhood. That needed to be addressed for once and for ever.

The said article acknowledges the therapist’s observation, belying earlier belief of west-based experts that depression is a result of chemical imbalance in one’s brain. I am happy that though late, and still limited to the ongoing life, but at least the western world has begun seeing life in continuity.  This truth of life is an accepted fact in Indian philosophic perception. In fact, it stretches far beyond the ongoing life. It sees life in continuation stretching through successive birth-death cycles, as would theory of reincarnation suggest.

Here, it will be interesting to look at the difference between the functionalities of a human being and animal species. The difference lies in the choice option exclusively available to human beings, which is duly aided by the faculty of discriminate intelligence.  The animals do also have mind, but it works on instincts. It can’t make a choice nor discriminate whether its action is right or wrong. They are bound by nature driven living pattern due to them, with no scope for making any exception. But remember, whenever there is choice, it carries equal probability of use and misuse.  And

there is nothing like a free lunch in this world. So, bearing with the consequences of the choices made becomes imperative. That binds a human being to a circuitous web of cause-effect chain, and which stretches on to successive births. In this scheme of things what happens as on date is culmination of doings in the past.  And how you attend to the callings of the present moment, sets the terms of how future would unfold.

Mind it; whatever way you conduct, its impressions make an inroad into your memory. This may find reflection in future in a self-automated mode, as and when congenial ground becomes available. This is how mind’s chemistry works. Going by ancient Indian philosophic perception, a being’s existence is structured in three layers — gross, astral, and causal bodies. On death, it is just the gross body that gets dysfunctional and then disintegrates. The astral and causal bodies that are pure energy platforms vital to a being, do not meet their end as would the law of conservation of energy stand. Causal body is believed to carry a blueprint of the past, which finds reflection through the astral body, which supposedly conducts the mental functions. So, going by this perception, mind has an extra-cerebral existence. Here a question naturally arises: What is that unseen factor, which drives all these subtle functionalities. Going by vedic perception, at the root of all these intangible functionalities lies the all-pervading eternal consciousness element. But the gross body would be anyway needed for manifestation of the mind functions with due support of the consciousness element.

Carrying along all the memory imprints picked up during live existence, the astral and causal bodies set the ground for reincarnation to acquire a fresh gross body. All the memory imprints carried over from the past set the terms of one’s mind and psyche that play out involuntary when congenial ground becomes available. 

These acquired memory imprints are of course subject to further add on during the ongoing life, with related bearing in the emerging time. Those who believe in only one life may debate the above concept.  But they can’t ignore the fact that every being is born unique, each reflecting varying individual specific traits. Even twins born out of same parents and brought up under similar conditions have often been found to carry dire opposite traits.  After all, what makes this difference?

For a plausible answer, a look into ancient India’s philosophic perception is called for, but for which, the working of mind and psyche can’t be understood in perspective. Continued.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Write to him atG-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi-110 025Tel: 91-11-49848475/9818037273 Email: pioneerqueries@bharatastro.com Website: www.bharatastro.com




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