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Astroturf | Twists and turns of ego

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Astroturf | Twists and turns of ego

I am what I am. That’s my identity. Why should I think of changing it? And should I not care for my self-esteem. I have read the Bhagavad Gita at least half a dozen times and therefore, I understand what ego means.” With these words, the man strongly contested my advisory to temper down his Ahamkara.

“Your strongly worded reaction is enough to indicate that you have a closed mind, not open to listening.

You won’t entertain any idea or advisory that would be at variance with your own self-conceived view-points, which could even be mired in self-delusion. Remaining stuck to one’s self-defined limitations, is what ego really means”, I explained.

To make things clear, I had to give him a lesson in the construct and chemistry of mind. Well, Mind has three functional constituents — Budhi, Ahamkara, and Manasa. The three are mandated to work in support of each other as an integrated unitary integrated whole. In this scheme of things, Ahamkara is supposed to be at the drive, which duly guided by Budhi, is expected to steer the Manasa act from the front. Yet, Ahamkara can’t claim to be the doer in its own right. For, it doesn’t have an identity of its own, in its own right. Like its two other functional associates, Ahamkara too moves on borrowed strength extended by the eternal force of consciousness.

In fact, Ahamkara is just a functional instrument of mind. But then the task it is entrusted with, creates the illusion of being the doer. For, Ahamkara brings in a sense of ‘I’ differentiated from others. This, in turn, brings in the impression of the body-mind organism having an identity in its own right.  

It is again Ahamkara, which relates to thought-seeds parked in the inner realms of mind, and then triggers the latter into action. But before, it takes the final call, Ahamkara in its usual flow, is supposed to make the data thus gathered available to Budhi for due diligence. Having thus filtered off the undesirables, Ahamkara is supposed to make most appropriate choices, and then will upon to translate them into effect. Again, while responding to external influences/promptings, Ahamkara is supposed to follow similar route before taking the final call.

As one kick-starts life, evidently with a clean slate, Ahamkara plays a supportive role as is mandated by nature. For, it would not have had a taste of its maneuvering abilities. So, it keeps Budhi in its loop, to facilitate easy success. But once it has a feel of striking success, it gets tempted to exert itself in its own right. It then becomes complacent, when it loses its sense of alert necessary to keep Budhi in active mode. And then it could prove a trickster when unmindfully it could lead us towards self-undoing acts.      

In its state of complacence, often Ahamkara gets carried away by one’s inherent tendencies, and pursue them passionately, as if that would be its end game. In that state, Ahamkara also becomes vulnerable to get caught up in the tempting glare and glitters of the outer world, and unmindfully sets them as the dream destination. In both cases, Ahamkara ignores invoking Budhi for due diligence, and with obvious consequences.

Astrology can figure out the probable twists and turns of Ahamkara with a fair amount of precision. A case in point is that of a gentleman, not aware of his own worth, and therefore, could not find proper lead. In a state of desperation he used to come with folded hands seeking guidance and even followed the advisory earnestly. Over a period of time, the man’s confidence level grew. He could identify, acknowledge and put to use his inlaid potential. As he tasted success, suddenly another side of his, lying dormant thus far, sprang into action — his egotistical side.  

Look at the man’s astrological pointers. The Sun is placed adverse to Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus. In the first place, it speaks of his swaggering ego. Second, he is vulnerable to remain stuck to his self-delusions. Third, he would be too much touchy and sensitive, who may get over exercised even on trivial issue. Mercury placed adverse to Neptune, read together with Moon shadowed by restive Rahu accounts for his clouded vision, insensible reasoning and judgment.

So long as the man had not tasted success, Moon trine to Uranus gave him quick success on the strength of his innovative and intuitive mind. With success, his other side, as reflected in the opening statement, came into play.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Write to him G-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi – 110 025 Tel: 91-11-49848475/9818037273 Email: pioneerqueries@bharatastro.com Website: www.bharatastro.com




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