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Astroturf: Becoming a master of your mind

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Astroturf: Becoming a master of your mind

Picking up threads from the previous issue, it comes out that we live in our minds. And reveling in its indwelling sense of freedom, our ego makes us passionately pursue illusionary inducements offered by our own minds. Ignorantly, we remain caught up in its bind. So, we end up being more of a slave to our own minds than using its power of free thinking. The obvious question is why?

For, we remain unaware of the fact that our being is not rooted in the mind.  The core of our existence lies beyond the mind, in ‘the whole within’. We remain oblivious to the fact that mind is just an instrument, which works on borrowed strength. It draws its succor from the radiance lent by the ‘whole’ within.

In fact, mind is nothing but a projection of the ‘whole’ within, for being used as a vehicle of its operation. It is again the ‘whole’ within that makes the mind pay attention to something, but for which it won’t take cognisance of anything. So, mind is not the real seer or the doer, rather a tool. The paradox, however, is that though acting on the strength of radiance extended by the ‘whole’ within, the mind enjoys a certain level of freedom as well. And the normal human tendency is to submit to the call of mind, and so invariably, we end up as slaves.

The question now is: Can we become a master of our own mind? Certainly. The answer again lies in the freedom of making choices, which duly aided by the inlaid faculty of discriminate intelligence, enjoins upon us with that option. The process, too, is again routed through our mind. Towards the first step, a self-reflection into one’s own mind is called for to figure out its basic orientation. Having thus identified and acknowledged individual specific inherent tendencies, one could address them through fresh educative inputs. Given a consistent effort, over a period of time, mind becomes free from self-acquired limitations. The ground then gets laid down to reign in our mind. But, at this stage, a proven Guru is needed to lead you through the process of transcending elemental limitations. Following the process, eventually one’s unitary mind becomes synonymous with consciousness element intrinsic to the ‘whole within’. And you become a master of your own mind.

The irony, however, is that our ego doesn’t let us acknowledge our own fault lines, as if that would be one’s identity. Here, astrology proves handy as a diagnostic tool to identify our inherent infirmities. Here is a case study of a person, who has been meditating with focus on Lord Shiva for long. Yet, it could not make any positive impact in his thought process. The reason, pure and simple, is that he has not cared to get over his mental limitations. Consequently, the Shiva mantra loses its relevance amidst all the chaos within his mind.

Let us look at the man’s astrological pointers. The lagna lord Saturn brings the Sun under limitation on account of their conjunction. It implies seeds of fear, insecurity, and identity crisis carried over from the past, embedded deep in his inner realms. Given a small adversarial situation, the inlaid seeds spring up to his detriment, and he loses his sense of direction. Combust Venus speaks of his impaired emotionality, which makes him too touchy. He takes even trivial issues to heart, and keeps mulling over the issue, thus losing track of priority preferences.

Debilitated Jupiter, ill-disposed off to Neptune, has made him cultivate self-defined beliefs, which doesn’t let him digest contrarian viewpoints. Mercury conjunct headless Ketu, and also placed adverse to Neptune, accounts for his insensible reasoning and judgment. What further compounds his problems is his wish to live on his own exclusive terms, coming as it may with Moon tenanted in Mercury owned sign Gemini, and in opposition to Mars. As a consequence, so long as a person agrees to his views, he is very happy. The moment he is confronted with contrarian view, he loses his nerves, and becomes loud on the person concerned, as if he would be his enemy.

And since the world doesn’t move to one’s asking, he has to often contend with such situations. So, he is not able to get along with anybody for long and also continuously remains in a state of stress. The person was made aware of his fault lines, and advised to follow a process to purify his mind before he expects to become a master of his mind. 

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