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Excessive attachment freezes intelligence

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Excessive attachment freezes intelligence

Make oneself aware that such attachment does not give us any benefit, writes AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

What is attachment? This is defined as a strong feeling of affection for somebody or something. As soon as we are born in material bodies with material minds and material intelligence, we develop this feeling. In some ways, it is necessary for us to exist. For example, if a mother does not have attachment for her child, it will be very difficult for her to take all the pains, which are necessary to take care of her child.

Yes, attachment is a necessity; complete absence of it is neither desirable nor possible. For example, even saints are attached to something, which helps them to have jest for life. Such attachment will be mostly in goodness like strong affection for a disciple or for a place. Therefore, having attachment is not a problem unless it becomes excessive, then, it becomes a problem.

The following examples will illustrate what I am trying to convey. You are going through a tough period and are very tense. Chest muscles are taut and you feel some pain. Additionally, there is anxiety caused by overstress, and there is gas formation. This gas climbs up and presses against the diaphragm causing more pain. When there is excessive attachment with the body, you will assume the worst and fear some problem with the heart and rush to a hospital. You will suffer a lot of anxiety while the tests are being done. This is all unnecessary suffering.

Another example is of a mother, whose 14 years old daughter is late in coming from school. What is likely to be her thoughts as the time drags on? That my daughter has been kidnapped or there has been a fatal accident and this dreaded information is likely to be conveyed to her soon. And if it was her neighbour’s daughter, what would she be thinking? There must have been a traffic jam with all these VIP movements, who hold up traffic for God knows how long. Or her school bus must have broken down. These school authorities in their greed do not spend enough for the maintenance of their fleet. What was the difference in her line of thinking between her own daughter and her neighbour’s daughter? She was excessively attached to her own while she was grounded more in reality about her neighbour’s. In one case her brain stopped functioning properly while in the other she was thinking rationally.

What should we do to remove this excessive attachment which only gives pain with no gain whatsoever? The first requirement is the make oneself repeatedly aware that such attachment does not give us any benefit. The other way is to practice mind control, because when the mind is wayward it becomes our enemy. And such mind control is not a matter of knowledge but requires a lot of practice, which is meditation. The Bhagavad Gita has detailed information on this subject. Let us not invent new processes and call them yoga or meditation and fool ourselves because the sufferer will be self only.

We should also try to tackle attachment at its roots before it grows into a monster. Harmful sense objects are very alluring and can overpower the mind of those, who are in constant contact with them. We should try to distance ourselves from them as far as practical. Then, we should not get attached to persons and things, those we consider our own, which include our bodies also, while the fact is that these are given to us for use only; we own nothing in this world. We must seek spiritual knowledge, which gives real insight into life. We must also take help from spiritually wise persons, who will guide us properly. Yes, the ultimate insurance is faith in God that He is there to protect us in all circumstances. If we have faith that He does, then, He actually does. This is a matter of experience. Why, then, suffer from temporary insanity due to excessive attachment and suffer unnecessarily.

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at spiritual@ajitbishnoi.com




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