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Taking care of physical needs is not enough for a fulfilling life. Taking care of emotional health and spiritual growth is essential. That is why it is important to keep in touch with God throughout one’s life, writes AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

Then, why is most everyone lamenting? Are we so helpless? We don’t have to be if we do what the system requires. What is this system? Read on. We, souls, are capable of doing only three things. These are: desiring, deciding and enjoying or suffering as a consequence. For the rest, we have to depend upon material nature and God. You don’t believe it. What happens when we are born? Can we take care of ourselves? No, we can’t. Our parents and others do so. By the way, our bodies and of others are also parts of the material nature. These are different from us souls, though we falsely identity ourselves as material bodies only, which we are not. Who provides all our material needs like food; clothes; living quarters; opportunities like jobs, business, etc; and help from others like doctors, nurses, etc.? In short, we depend for our all material needs upon the material nature, which is separate from us; the same material nature, which gives us our bodies. But we need much more than food, living quarters, clothes, etc. These are our basic requirements in order just to survive. We are not animals; we are human beings. We need much more than basic requirements for maintaining our bodies. We have minds, which get disturbed; we fear, worry, etc. who can help us in this regard? In the ultimate sense, only God can. Yes, some problems get solved but some remain unresolved like what will be our future like. In this regard, only God can help, because our future depends upon what we have done in our past, which we call ‘prarabdha’. We are not fully aware of this, because a lot pertains to our previous lives. And this must come to fruition. This is the law of the material nature. This is the reason for our anxiety. This is where we need God’s help, and He is quite willing to extend it. He being the master of the creation has jurisdiction over the material nature — His creation. If we approach God the right way, as instructed by Him, he does help out. An example will clarify. A couple is poverty-stricken due to past misdeeds. However, both of them voluntarily serve at a local temple in their spare time. They are blessed with a boy, who excels in life and takes his parents out of their miserable existence. It is not that we don’t seek God’s help; we do almost routinely, all of us. When? When there is no other option like a child is seriously sick and the doctors are not very hopeful of his survival. God helps if approached. Then God also helps us in obtaining desirable material objects, where special abilities like scientists seeking to invent something. God, if merciful, empowers such persons. God is pleased on persons, who are good people, who follow dharma as instructed by Him. Then, we need protection. Who can protect better than the all-powerful God. Similarly, we need shelter, which is not transitory like money, power, etc. God is the real shelter. Those who have sought it can tell how peaceful and satisfied they become. Aren’t we confused many times in our lives, not knowing what to do? If prayed, God guides, because being omniscient He knows what is good for us. Similarly, God gives us proper knowledge, which helps us to live a quality life. Such beneficiaries do not get illusioned like most of us do faced with ‘maya’ with its many harmful attraction/temptations. These days people have become very lonely. First, the joint family concept went out of the fashion. Now even the nuclear family concept is not finding great favour. People are preferring to either live alone or live together without getting married. This so-called freedom has its price — loneliness, pets and electronic gadgets are very poor replacement for a human being. Here again God can fill the vacuum, if properly approached.What, then, is the conclusion? It is simple: we don’t have to be helpless at all, lamenting about our inability to help ourselves; God is always available. We just need to make a good connection with Him by doing prescribed spiritual practices suitable to us.

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at spiritual@ajitbishnoi.com




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