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Astroturf : Identity crisis unsettles balance

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Astroturf : Identity crisis unsettles balance

Picking up threads from the previous issue, it comes out that identity crisis takes a toll on our inter-personal relationships. In so far as our relationships are concerned, they are primarily guided by three factors – inherent mind trends, the environmental condition, and self-acquired virtues.

Our inherent trends are primarily guided by thought seeds carried over from the past, as a sequel to cause-effect chain driving us, and which varies from person-to-person. For, we all would have gone through varied sets of experiences in the past. Added to that is how we are brought up during our early childhood by our guardians. Many a times, our parents unmindfully make us much obsessed about our religious, cultural, economic, and social identity. That makes an indelible mark in our mind and psyche. Consequently, we are tempted to look at people around within the scope of narrow window frame of vision that gets induced. Often that breeds in a sense of divide and differentiation. We then look at others, and particularly those marked with a different group identity, with a suspicious mind.

It is pertinent to note here that the living world is so made out that all existences are compulsively bound to an interdependent framework, where no individual has a reality, independent of the entirety. In such a world, no individual is capable enough to ensure even bare survival in one’s own right. We, therefore, have to engage with the outer world to seek due support. This existential truth needs to be live in our consciousness, but for which it will become difficult to live in peace and harmony with the rest.

The paradox, however, is that we are all born individually unique, each carrying varying mental dispensation, offering natural breeding ground for arousal of conflict of interest. Evidently, we can’t be spared of what is going around. In such a complex world, often things do not move on expected lines.

Consequently, those ignorant of existential truths, develop a sense of insecurity, which often breeds in an identity crisis. And that takes a still devilish turn, if it ever catches up with the consciousness of group existence. They become so conscious of exerting their group identity that they lose their sense of direction, and often come in clash with those marked with a different group identity. Once this down turn begins, it becomes difficult to contain.

All the communal, intrareligious, cultural, and social clashes so rampant in societies all across of the globe, India not spared, are the result of this very predicament of mind. And it is no longer a minority group phenomenon, as is normally perceived. The majority groups too have been of late found zealously exerting their presence.

Going by the experiences had thus far, this malady can’t be contained through the exercise of force. The world leaders have so far failed to contain this down turn by applying force. What they have failed to realise is that the root of all such societal maladies are imprinted in our mind. So, people need to be made aware of existential realities through sustained education, beginning early childhood, is what self-acquired virtues would mean. Otherwise, each preconditioned mind, coming as it may with how one has been brought up, will continue to play out unrestrained, and evidently to our detriment.   

A case in point is that of someone who developed identity crisis in early childhood, because he was undermined, vilified, and hounded by those who were otherwise supposed to rear him up. Now, what he went through himself, he has been unmindfully replaying it down the line. What is strange about this person is that he made it big in life through conscious efforts. Yet, he has not come out of what got imprinted in his mind and psyche during his early childhood. Let us look at his astrological pointers.

Exalted Saturn, the 4th lord identified with domestic atmosphere, is in the lagna, and ill-disposed off to the Sun. It implies that the man had a difficult upbringing and would have come up in life a hard way. That induced a sense of insecurity and fear. Also, he developed inferiority complex as would Mars placed adverse to Neptune imply.  Consequently, he developed a sense of identity crisis. Also, it speaks of a preconditioned mind, not easily amenable to change. The Sun, also ill-placed to Venus speaks of his impaired emotional frame. This, read together with Moon placed adverse to Neptune, make him stuck to his illusionary perceptions.  And the family suffers because of his unseemly conduct.

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