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Facing retirement, a few MPs scramble to stay in Rajya Sabha

Sunday, 18 Feb 2018 | Hari shankar vyas | in Agenda

As the biennial elections of the Rajya Sabha near, the MPs who are going to retire are getting restless. The MPs of the SP, BSP, Congress, and JDU, whose tenure is about to end, are more worried because they feel that they are not going to make a comeback. So,...

Demographic dividend: Seize before it’s too late

Sunday, 18 Feb 2018 | Tejasvini Akhawat | in Agenda

It is pivotal for India to incorporate its vast young population into a sector that graciously embraces human services, writes Tejasvini Akhawat Demographic dividend, as defined by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), means, “the economic growth potential that can result from shifts in a population’s age structure, mainly when the...

Speculations abound over Lok Sabha poll schedule

Sunday, 11 Feb 2018 | Hari shankar vyas | in Agenda

The big question before the country these days is when will the next Lok Sabha Elections be held — next April-May or at the end of this year? Nobody seems to have an answer for this. There were speculations that the elections will be held in May, but for the...

The logistics of simultaneous Lok Sabha and Assembly polls

Sunday, 04 Feb 2018 | Hari shankar vyas | in Agenda

There is a lot of speculation that the Lok Sabha and Assembly Elections will be held simultaneously, but the big question is can the Lok Sabha polls be held this year? Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi be ready to go into elections six months before schedule? Not only this, can...

Coffers nearly empty, Cong embarks on a treasurer hunt

Sunday, 28 Jan 2018 | Hari shankar vyas | in Agenda

It been some time that the Congress has been facing severe fund crisis. Candidates have been getting no help from the party during elections and no one is paying heed to the appeals of party MPs and MLAs for donations. The Congress is losing power in one State after another,...

Inter-Korean talks and Moon’s peace overtures

Sunday, 28 Jan 2018 | Rajaram Panda | in Agenda

While this is a positive sign for peace in the Peninsula, it would be credulous to expect that Kim Jong-un would give up his nuclear ambitions, elucidates Rajaram Panda The year 2018 ushered for the Korean Peninsula when the first inter-Korean talks were held on January 9 after a hiatus of...

Cong bans use of ‘Hindu extremists’ for BJP, RSS

Sunday, 21 Jan 2018 | Hari shankar vyas | in Agenda

Rahul Gandhi has advised his party leaders against using words like ‘Hindu terrorists’ and ‘Hindu extremists’, especially in the context of the BJP leaders. After the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah, called the RSS and BJP Hindu extremists, a huge controversy erupted. This was followed by the BJP announcing that...

Towards a unipolar world: The American hegemony

Sunday, 21 Jan 2018 | Tejasvini Akhawat | in Agenda

The US seems to have assumed the permanent position of acting like a big brother to the nations around the world. The problem is this big brother has chosen to be a bully more than once, writes Tejasvini Akhawat Donald Trump’s endorsement in the capacity of the US President and subsequent...

From look East to act East

Sunday, 14 Jan 2018 | Rajaram Panda | in Agenda

During the past three and a half years that Modi has been in power, it is not difficult to see the extent of understanding India has achieved in the political, economic, and strategic domains vis--vis the region Ever since India launched its Look East policy in the 1990s following liberalisation of...

Mamata takes the religious route to woo Hindu voters

Sunday, 07 Jan 2018 | Hari shankar vyas | in Agenda

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee seems to be following in the footsteps of Congress president Rahul Gandhi. Till now, she had been eyeing the Muslim vote bank, but now she aims to woo the Hindu voters as well. She is expected to make the rounds of temples, just like...



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Fight between ruling party and citizens: Hardik

20 Feb 2018 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) leader Hardik Patel on Monday said that the fight in Madhya Pradesh is not between BJP and Congress but the ruling party against the citizens. Before participating in the Samajik Chetna rally, talking to media persons here on Monday, Patel said, “Chief Minister in Madhya Pradesh is called Mama (uncle) but we don’t want a Shakuni Mama...

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