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The battlefield of Gujarat

Sunday, 15 Oct 2017 | Hari shankar vyas | in Agenda

This time, Gujarat elections have become a prestige issue for both the BJP and Congress. Earlier, there was an impression that the Congress doesn’t work hard towards trying to win the State polls and neither does the BJP strive hard to register its victory. It was believed that the face...

After years of waiting, Rahul coronation seems in sight

Sunday, 08 Oct 2017 | Hari shankar vyas | in Agenda

After years and years of waiting, now the day seems to be finally in sight when Rahul Gandhi will be handed over the reins of the Congress. This is almost certain that the Gandhi scion will be elected as the Congress president unopposed. Sources in the party say that the...

Has the junta rule really ended in Myanmar?

Sunday, 08 Oct 2017 | Ranu Joardar | in Agenda

Aung San Suu Kyi, who earlier championed the cause of freedom and just treatment of civilians, is now just a puppet politician, says ranu Joardar It is not power that corrupts, but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those...

BJP sets a new target: Win all seats of Hindi-speaking States

Sunday, 01 Oct 2017 | Hari shankar vyas | in Agenda

Amit Shah is toiling day and night to broaden the party base in North-Eastern and South Indian States. This is also true that he has put a special focus on 120 seats of the Lok Sabha. In the last elections, the BJP had lost these seats. But this time around,...

Snap polls in Japan: Securing political stability

Sunday, 01 Oct 2017 | Rajaram Panda | in Agenda

All parties need to jointly address the common security challenge, and frequent power shifts, like in the past, should not be repeated, opines Rajaram Panda In a surprise announcement on September 25, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stunned the nation and declared to dissolve the House of Representatives (Lower House) on...

Tackling India’s rising poverty

Sunday, 24 Sep 2017 | Excerpt | in Agenda

More than one-third of the world’s poorest people live in India, compared to less than one-sixth of the world’s population. In per capita terms, India is twice as poor as the average country, writes ANIRUDH KRISHNA in his book, The Broken Ladder. An edited excerpt: I first met Chintalamma in 2005...

Nitish eyeing new equation?

Sunday, 17 Sep 2017 | Hari shankar vyas | in Agenda

Is Nitish Kumar gearing up for a new equation in the State? There are many rumours floating in the political alleys of Patna. Some say that the BJP and JDU are treading cautiously and might also be working on alternative equations. There will surely be some indication after Nitish’s Cabinet...

Constitutional revision debate in Japan

Sunday, 17 Sep 2017 | Rajaram Panda | in Agenda

Ever since Japan’s Constitution was promulgated 70 years ago, not a single change has been made in it. But PM Abe wants to change this trend and has resolved to complete the process before his term ends, writes Rajaram Panda In an extremely controversial and massive shift for the country’s pacifist...

Upcoming byelections a test for both BJP and Opposition

Sunday, 10 Sep 2017 | Hari shankar vyas | in Agenda

Soon, a few byelections can be held which would assess the popularity of the Government and the preparedness of the Opposition. In some States, a few Lok Sabha seats are either vacant or going to be vacated for various reasons. Elections will be held in the next two to three...

Snippets from 70 years of Independence

Sunday, 10 Sep 2017 | Kumar Chellappan | in Agenda

A single snapshot speaks 1,000 words, but JNU historian and writer of this book Roshen Dalal’s snapshots speak more than that, writes Kumar Chellappan Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” said George Santayana, the great Spanish philosopher and essayist who lived between 1863 and 1952. Santayana’s...



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HEC, Paras Healthcare to run Multi Super Speciality Hospital

18 Jan 2018 | PNS | Ranchi

Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC) and Paras Healthcare today announced to run a 300 bedded super speciality hospital providing tertiary care services in the Capital City. A PPP project for the same was signed by CMD, HEC, Avijit Ghosh and MD, Paras Healthcare, Dr Dharminder Nagar on Tuesday...

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