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Hunger Games

Sunday, 18 Jun 2017 | RINKU GHOSH. | in Agenda

If you are looking to stir up some authentic Burmesekhaosuey but do not have the ingredients to do so, fret not. In the age of food service chains, there’s one that drops all your ingredients in a pouch at your doorstep with a do-it-yourself kit. While gourmet food delivery services...

Equity at work

Sunday, 11 Jun 2017 | Ananya Borgohain | in Agenda

Will the Maternity Bill help women or cost them their careers? Both at a legislative and an ethical level, we need more stringent Bills and laws for workers because in their absence, gender disparity will continue to perpetually affect the growth of this nation, writes ANANYA BORGOHAIN One of the newest...

The humble legend

Sunday, 04 Jun 2017 | MEENAKSHI RAO | in Agenda

Sachin Tendulkar has inspired generations with his acumen, determination, and humility — traits that carve legends out of stars. MEENAKSHI RAO explores what shaped this man extraordinaire in the backdrop of the recent docu-film serenading the icon Memories diminish, stars fade into new dawns. The public and its adulation move on,...

ICJ ruling on Jadhav Road ahead for India

Sunday, 28 May 2017 | KC Singh | in Agenda

The road ahead is a steep one, albeit with precedents favouring India. While India can hope for the best, one should be prepared for the Pakistani army to stage a medical episode or encounter to eliminate Jadhav, just as prisoner Sarabjit Singh was killed in a supposed prison altercation. That...

An icy recession

Sunday, 21 May 2017 | Meenakshi Rao | in Agenda

Glacial recession may be a worldwide phenomenon but New Zealand’s ice retreats are the fastest and thus most alarming. MEENAKSHI RAO reports about the worrying ice dwindle from the Aoraki/Mt Cook region that houses the island nation’s largest glacier, which is thinning down fast enough to vanish by 2100 Deep turquoise,...

Heading south

Sunday, 14 May 2017 | Kumar Chellappan | in Agenda

Stability — until now the hallmark of Tamil Nadu politics — has become a thing of the past. The AIADMK, which was presided over by Jayalalithaa, is gone forever. Now, there are three factions fighting for her legacy. Then there are parties which are out to make a fortune in...

Actor who went beyond stardom

Sunday, 07 May 2017 | Rajesh Singh | in Agenda

A man does not know how good he is until he is dead — by when it’s too late. It seems surreal that someone like Vinod Khanna could be tamed. Stardom didn’t, spiritual calling did not, politics certainly failed to do so. But mortality is real while the others are...

Performance pays, negativity ruins

Sunday, 30 Apr 2017 | Rajesh Singh | in Agenda

If the positives of PM Modi’s image coupled with a brilliant poll strategy crafted by Amit Shah ensured the BJP’s victory in the MCD elections, the negatives contributed by the Opposition lent a helping hand as well, explains RAJESH SINGH The fortress has been breached and overrun. The enemy is on...

Mapping our heritage

Sunday, 23 Apr 2017 | Ananya Borgohain | in Agenda

Author Pilar Maria Guerrieri discusses with ANANYA BORGOHAIN how the maps of Delhi from the 19th century onwards document the evolution of the Capital through the Mughal era, pre and post colonial periods, and the contemporary times Please tell us a little about yourself. I am an Italian but since my childhood,...

No pride in prejudice

Sunday, 16 Apr 2017 | Prof Ajay Kumar Dubey | in Agenda

African nationals in India are victims of misunderstood identity, deemed mostly as criminals. They are mostly targeted not because of their race, but owing to their reputation of being unscrupulous elements The recent attack on innocent African students in Noida was not a one-off incident. There have been a series of...



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HEC, Paras Healthcare to run Multi Super Speciality Hospital

18 Jan 2018 | PNS | Ranchi

Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC) and Paras Healthcare today announced to run a 300 bedded super speciality hospital providing tertiary care services in the Capital City. A PPP project for the same was signed by CMD, HEC, Avijit Ghosh and MD, Paras Healthcare, Dr Dharminder Nagar on Tuesday...

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