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How to invest your money for better returns

Sunday, 03 Apr 2016 | VIVEK LAW | in Agenda

It is your life, it is your money, learn to take charge of it by becoming involved in it. Have a good relationship with your money, writes VIVEK LAW. Excerpt: The question often asked is, how many schemes or products should you have in your portfolio? There is no formula for...

The ugly side of the beautiful game

Sunday, 21 Jun 2015 | Ankit Mishra | in Agenda

The 2015 FIFA corruption controversy shook the sports world recently. ANIKET MISHRA explains in detail the situation and future prospects Football provides us with a tantalising case of mass hysteria and hoopla globally; for arguably no other pass-time, is a more constant preoccupation in the lives of people around the world....

The games Murdoch play

Sunday, 29 Dec 2013 | Sreeram Chaulia | in Agenda

Rupert Murdoch prizes the print medium as a political tool whose intangible benefits far outweigh return-on-investment calculations, says Sreeram Chaulia As media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s empire battles its worst crisis ever, after the phone hacking (exposť) in the United Kingdom, this once-almighty controller of information in the Anglo-Saxon world finds himself...

Ever in search of a dictator

Sunday, 08 Sep 2013 | Debraj Mookerjee | in Agenda

Today’s column has to begin with a caveat, because I need to erect an effective defence before saying what I intend to. What follows might appear blasphemous to many, but in my defence I have to state that I have had the issue vetted. As a university teacher I have the...

It’s not even economy stupid

Sunday, 01 Sep 2013 | Debraj Mookerjee | in Agenda

Economists are very bright people. But they have one problem. When they speak to non-economists, they sound like they’re from another planet. Ordinary people like straight answers to problems, especially if they are critical. If you’re in the hospital with a critically ill patient, it is reassuring to know that the...

The India story has lost its plot

Sunday, 25 Aug 2013 | Debraj Mookerjee | in Agenda

I am not sure whether I ought to worry more about the big picture, or the small one. Here is the big picture. When the economy started doing badly (with growth down from close to nine per cent to about five), we were told there is contraction in the global...

Needed, varsity with difference

Sunday, 18 Aug 2013 | Debraj Mookerjee | in Agenda

With so much emphasis on the education sector, one wonders why we have yet to tap our greatest competitive edge in the area. While the Government laments the fact that not a single Indian university is able to make it to the top 100 global list of honour, and tries...

Why India needed Marxist revolution

Sunday, 11 Aug 2013 | Debraj Mookerjee | in Agenda

This column sought to ask a question last week in the light of the Durga Shakti Nagpal imbroglio: In the name of empowerment and social justice, have we set aside the core principles by which any half-decent society or civilisation ought to function? For the second time in two weeks,...

The Durga Shakti Nagpal conundrum

Sunday, 04 Aug 2013 | Debraj Mookerjee | in Agenda

In a delightful short story by Ismat Chugtai (which has all the ingredients a Bollywood tearjerker) called ‘Kallu’, we are faced with this scenario: A pre-Independence upper class Muslim family with an otherwise modern outlook (the girls attend convent school, wearing pumps), mistreats the little boy Kalimuddin (‘Kallu’) it takes...



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Surya Namaskar similar to Namaz says CM

30 Mar 2017 | Pioneer News Service | Lucknow

Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath claimed that `yoga’ and performing `namaz’ were almost similar yet till 2014, Yoga was usually referred to as a Hindu practice. ``If you perform ‘surya namaskar’ while performing Yoga or offering `namaz’, one will find that they were almost similar exercises,” asserted Yogi while saying that people who believe on `bhog’, how can have faith in `Yog’...

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