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Dinosaurs march to protest National service ‘extinction’

Hundreds of people dressed in dinosaur costumes took to the streets of Washington DC to protest budget cuts affecting national service programmes. Service Year Alliance organised the demonstration last Wednesday against US President Donald Trump’s 2018 Budget proposal that threatens the “extinction” of programmes, such as the Peace Corps, Teach for America, YouthBuild and City Year.

“While dinosaurs are fun — national service extinction is a serious matter,” Service Year Alliance CEO Shirley Sagawa said. “If President Trump’s Budget becomes reality, the 80,000 young people who serve every year won’t be responding to natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey, teaching in our underperforming schools, supporting our veterans, maintaining our national parks, or tackling issues like the opioid epidemic and unemployment.”

President Trump’s proposed Budget would eliminate the Corporation for National and Community Service along with groups such as AmeriCorps, and Volunteers in Service to America.

“Together, we can tell Congress: Stop National Service Extinction,” protest organisers said. “Let’s expand national service instead.”

Protesters wearing inflatable dinosaur costumes walked along eight locations throughout Washington DC, including Dupont Circle, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and Union Station.

“National service advocates made themselves known to Congress and the entire DC community this morning,” Sagawa said. “As the Senate sits down to markup the FY18 Budget next week, we encourage them to listen to the folks who gathered outside the Capitol and expand national service instead of letting it go extinct.”



Mexico breaks world record with three-tonne guacamole

The recipe for a record-breaking guacamole? 25,000 avocados and 1,000 people to mash them. That is what avocado growers in Mexico’s Jalisco State mobilised last Sunday to break the world record for the biggest guacamole, a whopping three tonnes of delicious dip made from ‘green gold’.

The mass mash-up was part entertainment and part politicking, as growers and Mexico make the point that they — and the guacamole loving Americans — have benefited from the North American Free Trade Agreement that is now under threat from US President Donald Trump.

Negotiators from Canada, Mexico, and the United States met in the Mexican Capital last weekend to revamp the 23-year-old NAFTA accord that Trump has threatened to end if he does not get concessions to curb a trade deficit with Mexico.

Some 80 per cent of US avocado consumption comes from Mexico’s growing expanse of orchards. Jalisco has become the second biggest producer of the Hass variety in Mexico behind Michoacan State, according to producers.

More than 600 student chefs and 400 people from the rural town of Concepcion de Buenos Aires prepared the traditional dish for thousands of people, many of whom came from the Jalisco State Capital of Guadalajara. The State’s Governor was on hand to receive recognition from a representative of the Guinness Book of World Records.



Ghostly, translucent lobster hauled from ocean off Maine

Maine lobstermen Alex Todd has hauled in blue lobsters and even some lobsters that were half blue, or half orange. But he says those don’t compare on the scale of weirdness to the translucent crustacean that he recently pulled up in a trap. The lobster that Todd caught on August 24 is a ghostly, pale blue. It almost seems to be transparent.

Todd, from Chebeague Island, said he knew when he saw the translucent lobster in his trap alongside mottled green and brown lobsters that this was “definitely weird”.

His photos have made the rounds on social media. As for the lobster, he tossed it back into the ocean because its tail had been notched, flagging the lobster as an egg-bearing female. Those lobsters are off-limits for conservation reasons.



New Mexico village to hold Bigfoot festival

A New Mexico village is holding a festival in connection with a legend that Bigfoot is roaming around the State’s Jemez Mountains. The Los Alamos Monitor reports the village of Jemez Springs is hosting the Bigfoot BBQ & Blues Fest on Saturday to celebrate rumours that the ape-like creature hangs around the forests near one of the nation’s premier nuclear labs.

Event organiser Felix Nunez says he didn’t want to hang his hat on Bigfoot’s existence. But he says there are unexplainable and fascinating audio and video clips. The gathering will feature anthropologist and Bigfoot expert Christopher Dyer, who will present evidence suggesting Bigfoot has taken up residence in New Mexico. Organisers say Dyer will present hair, photographs and a map pinpointing sightings around the State.





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Police arrest three cyber criminals


A team of Ganday police of Giridih district have arrested three cyber criminals and found 6 mobiles, 3 ATM cards, one cheque book of Bank of India ,and 8 Sim card and other gadgets from them near Raskutta, Jhilwa, Madhupur and Chapri village of Madhupur under Ganday police station on Sunday. The criminals were identified as Naresh Mandal, Nandkishor Mandal and Mahesh Hembram...

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