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Decor trends that are making a comeback

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Decor trends that are making a comeback

Trends have an uncanny habit of doing a full circle and coming back, and 2017 has been a big year of comebacks, especially in the case of interior decor trends, says Masooma Rizvi

Trends have an uncanny habit of doing a full circle and coming back, taking you through a journey of sweet memories and hit you with a bout of nostalgia when you least expect it. This principle has stood the test of time when it comes to fashion, as well as in the arena of lifestyle or interior decor. The duration of this cycle may vary from fashion, to accessories, to interior decor, but it happens all across the spectrum. 2017 has been a big year of comebacks for decor trends. Here is a comprehensive list.

Brass/Metallic tints

Brass/metal is making a big way back in the interior decor trends spectrum, whether it is furniture, home decor products, or the colour itself. This season, however, the shiny metals of the 90s are replaced with a more antique, softer distressed version. As materials, brass and copper are being used widely in frames, faucets, fixtures, furniture frames, and even accessories — vases, urlis, hanging trivia and more.


Wallpapers have made a big comeback to the interiors everywhere. The prints and textures have undergone major changes and have become impressively bolder. Floral patterns, geometrics, dominant stripes on the wallpapers make the walls or even the ceilings come alive. The wallpapers are a lot more modern and are used extensively to create texture and interest in the whole decor. 3D wallpapers are a cheaper and good alternative to stone and tiles on walls.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns in everything from vases to floors, from wallpapers to drapes, from upholstery to linen are a trend to watch out for. The complicated geometries have given way to more simple but bold and stark patterns. The trend has found place in elements instead of turning the space into a confusing mismatch of conflicting geometric patterns. Taking off from Ikat and phulkari, the new designs are based on the traditional patterns.

Gold and Greens

The 70s saw avocado green as a major trend and it is coming back yet again. It is expected that green would take the centrestage along with golden tones as a reigning trend of the season. Different shades and tones of green bring on different kinds of look and appeal to interiors, while golden tones or yellows can brighten up the space by adding a warm and glamorous look.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Mad Men might have ended a long time ago, but not before bringing back the mid-century modern furniture with its characteristic clean lines, simple silhouettes, and stellar detailing. This is best implemented by sticking to neutral shades like grey or cream, and having a bold accent wall or going the other way around by opting for neutral walls and explosion of colours in the room elsewhere.


The trend of handwoven or knotted macrame was quite a big one, especially in the 60s and 70s. Macramé has made its way back in homes in the form of woven, knotted rope finishes on a number of decor products like hanging planters, wall mounted textiles, and a lot of jewellery as well. This is one of those trends which might encourage you to get into quite a few DIY projects in addition to buying off the rack.

Beanbag chairs

Beanbag chairs were the staple of any home decor or even kindergartens of the 80s. This had brought in an array of beanbag chairs made of polyester or vinyl. Today, more exotic materials are finding their way back into a chic living room even where beanbag chairs are gaining the stature of accent pieces. These are upholstered in traditional patchwork or embroidered fabrics to make a statement.

AutumN colours

Colours of the 1960s and 70s — orange, burnt orange, and vermilion — are making a comeback in interior design. There is a difference in their application though. Earlier they were used in florals, tie and dyes, and in crushed velvet sofas, whereas today, they make an appearance in cottage and nautical themes, with crisp whites and bright blues. When used with tasteful wood panelling and natural textures, the colours lose the association with the hippy era.


Monochrome has an inherent sophistication embedded in it and takes the charm and appeal of any space up quite a few notches. It is for this reason that a monochrome theme in interior decor never seems to go out of style. A stark black and white monochromatic theme brings in an unparalleled appeal and strong statement to whet the appetite of a minimalist. This also helps a room look more spacious and dramatic.


For a while now, pastels or other muted colours have been reserved for the kids’ rooms or play areas. But this season is witnessing a comeback of pastels in practically any space. The interpretation of the colour is done intelligently to avoid the whole space looking like a teenage girl’s dream room. This can be avoided by adding either a bold accent wall or drapes that would bring down the syrupy sweet tendency of the palette.

Gallery walls

This might not be a new trend and doing up whole clusters of family pictures might be a passé for some. But can a display of memorable moments really ever go out of fashion? Gallery walls or wall of frames are all set to make a comeback this coming season with more variety in the quality and look of the frames and their visual arrangement.

The writer is MD and Creative Head, Belita Design Solutions




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