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Hobby hub within your home

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Hobby hub within your home

Developers are increasingly promoting the idea of pursuing hobbies at home. By creating individuated spaces, an attempt is being made to recreate life between the walls of a house, writes Kaizad Hateria

On the cusp of change, the real estate sector is witnessing a paradigm shift with newly proposed regulatory reforms and policies. With an evolving environment, the real estate buying behaviour is also embracing change influenced by changing market demographics and preferences. Today, consumers are placing much importance towards wholesome living and lifestyle that is beyond expansive living spaces and high-end designs. Owing to these fundamental shifts, as buyers become more tasteful and demanding, leading developers are capitalising on this factor and adapting to new housing concepts that transcend the idea of housing properties in India.

Predominantly, time constraints bundled with work pressure, professional commitments, domestic duties, and scrambling to get things done, busyness has taken over everyone’s lifestyle. Always responding to the “how’s it going?” with “busy” will eventually burn us out. Many of us can relate to this lifestyle. For long, today’s individuals have given up their time to work or families. However, the key to a healthy mind and sanity is in finding time for ourselves.

Rightly quoting George Bernard Shaw here, “Happy is the man who is living by his hobby.” Researchers report that people with hobbies are mostly healthier and have a lower risk of depression and dementia. The corporate or business life has trained us to be productive for 9-10 hours a day and sometimes even 12 hours, leaving very little leisure time. For the hours left in hand, people largely fill their time with passive leisure like television and web surfing. Hence, most of our days are spent planning our daily transactions, following the plan and further guiding ourselves in the maze of a busy life.

Time isn’t the only problem here but space too. With a burgeoning population on one hand and encroachments on the other, a city like Mumbai lacks recreational spaces as compared to other metro cities. Shrinking recreational spaces have rendered Mumbai into an ecologically fragile state and have stopped the promotion of an individual’s physical and mental well-being. Hence, home is the only place where one can explore activities of self-growth. An individual can find or create a space at home to let the creative juices flow. It can be a hobby room or just a space dedicated to one’s favourite pastime. It can be their ‘my space’. 

Increasingly, many developers are trying to meet this gap in people’s lifestyle and creating thoughtful spaces for families. A space where one can find their true self and allows one to indulge in other leisure pursuits. By creating such spaces inside or outside homes, developers are creating a lifestyle that helps homebuyers rediscover lost passions, spend quality time with their loved ones and much more.

It can be a customised space inside one’s house for practising music, art or even bakery or tennis courts, outdoor gymnasiums or saltwater pools for fitness-driven individuals. Or lavish balconies for those who wish to socialise and have friends over for a barbecue.

In order to combat the issue of time and commuting from one place to another for leisure activities, developers are identifying housing trends for city dwellers to provide unique experiences and create healthier lifestyles.

Creative spaces can help you wrestle your stress, structure your time and probably stimulate new social connections. By creating individuated spaces, developers are trying to recreate life between the walls of a house and promote a holistic state of mind where the individual’s mental, physical and emotional health coexist.

Surpassing the only aim to achieve sales figures, today’s leading developers are becoming accountable for homebuyers’ personal development in order to provide elevated lifestyles and value for their money. Such spaces are making room for inspiration and adding the individuated ‘me’ to them. To relive their interests and make time for themselves as well as friends and families, developers are enabling city dwellers to find spaces for self-development and discovery closer to home.

The writer is the Brand Custodian and Chief Customer Delight Officer, Rustomjee Group




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