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What’s keeping CEOs awake at night?

Sunday, 19 Nov 2017 | Praveen Rawal | in Agenda

In today’s complex global environment, there’s very little that business leaders can accurately predict and control, writes Praveen Rawal As the business climate changed over time, so did the ways leaders needed to lead their organisations. Today, traditional hierarchy-based management practices, that may have guaranteed success in the past, might no...

Serenity, sorrow, and a lake

Sunday, 12 Nov 2017 | Somen Sengupta | in Agenda

Nature, history, and mythology came together to create Nainital. It would be tragic to lose the lake town to negligence, pollution, and encroachment, believes Somen Sengupta In 1839, a rich British businessman from the sugar industry of Saharanpur town was hunting in the deep jungles of Kumaon near the Himalayan foothills...

Child malnourishment and stunting in India: Getting the basics right

Sunday, 05 Nov 2017 | Tejasvini Akhawat | in Agenda

Malnourishment affects more than just an individual or a family; it affects the growth of the nation as a whole, writes Tejasvini Akhawat Healthy children are the reflection of a healthy nation. The physical and mental well being of children cannot be disregarded since we are referring to the future of...

The antipodean Emerald Isle

Sunday, 22 Oct 2017 | Kushan Mitra | in Agenda

Hobart is at one end of the world; the Capital of Tasmania is completely off the beaten path for Indians. But it is a hub of great fresh produce, beer, spirits, and art, writes Kushan Mitra Talk to an Indian about Tasmania and the first thought bar none to the minds...

For a ‚Äėgreen‚Äô Diwali

Sunday, 15 Oct 2017 | Masooma | in Agenda

This Diwali, let us observe and emulate our traditional principle of sustainability to bring back the concept of recycle, refurbish, and reinvent, writes Masooma Diwali is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India and is often termed as the festival of lights. Traditionally, the whole house is cleaned, painted and...

Sprucing up small work spaces

Sunday, 15 Oct 2017 | Pioneer | in Agenda

Nidhi Aggarwal gives a few tips to decorate your office space without making it overbearing, thereby making it difficult for you to work efficiently As the festive season is upon us, we cannot ignore the space that we spend the maximum time in. The work spaces today have shrunk down and...

Steer clear of food adulteration

Sunday, 15 Oct 2017 | Dr Rita Bakshi | in Agenda

Pregnant women should be more careful about food they consume around festival time, writes Dr Rita Bakshi Diwali is the biggest festival in India and the whole nation celebrates it. It is a time for festivities, celebration and rejoicing with rituals and feasts. As families get together to celebrate the festival...

History in The Hills

Sunday, 08 Oct 2017 | MADAN LALL MANCHANDA | in Agenda

Shimla’s rich history offers rare tales — ranging from the journey of iconic freedom fighters, to the sad fate of guilt-stricken Royal officials who are still remembered by locals, writes MADAN LALL MANCHANDA A former bureaucrat, who rubbed shoulders with kings of hill kingdoms, extended us an invitation to visit him...

Fragment of memory left by the Britishers

Sunday, 01 Oct 2017 | Somen Sengupta | in Agenda

In today’s Shillong, the glory of the past is painfully shadowed. Much has been destroyed due to unplanned urbanisation. Yet a walk in this hill town reveals its pristine colonial past, writes Somen Sengupta The history of the British East India Company’s arrival in India and its gradual encroachment into our...

Progressive designs for future offices

Sunday, 24 Sep 2017 | Himanee Mrug | in Agenda

Offices should provide women with equal opportunities and a culture that will respect their requirements as individuals. This will improve their productivity, writes Himanee Mrug There was a revolution of sorts in the late 60s and early 70s when women employees stormed their way into the office space. Since then, women...



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State lags behind in education status, reveals ASER report

17 Jan 2018 | PRAGYA PALLAVI | Ranchi

Annual Status of Education Report (ASER-2017) released on Tuesday covering 28 districts of 24 States on ‘Beyond Basics’- A survey of rural India youths, presented a gloomy picture of Jharkhand on a few basic parameters in comparison with the districts of Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh. The survey based on 4 As (Activity, Ability, Awareness, Aspirations) covering the age group 14-18 years, Jharkhand lags behind in enrollment status, digital use,...

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