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Demonetisation: Most successful game changer for Indian economy

Sunday, 17 Sep 2017 | Sanju Verma | in Agenda

As a matter of fact, demonetisation has won the battle resoundingly on a whole host of fronts. Those who accuse the Government of shifting goalposts, reek of mala fide ignorance because economies and economic goalposts have always been fluid, dynamic and ever changing in contemporary times This is the first instance...

Making Indian healthcare more affordable

Sunday, 17 Sep 2017 | GS Grewal | in Agenda

Good health is directly related to the right to life. And when the state fails to provide healthcare to its people, it is a double-whammy for the poor and the common man. Money must be spent judiciously and responsibility must be taken to provide affordable healthcare to the people Shocking stories...

The case for charity must begin at home

Sunday, 10 Sep 2017 | sunil prakash | in Agenda

Considering India’s legacy of sages devoting organs for the sake of devas, organ donation rate in the country is pitiable. Increased awareness can change the situation India is a country where sage Dadhichi donated his bone to save the lives of the devas. Given this grand legacy, donations should be an...

A change in perspective can boost the economy

Sunday, 10 Sep 2017 | Shivaji Sarkar | in Agenda

In this 70th year of independence, India has to look for a new economic paradigm through an intense discussion, and create an integral economy that would be a precursor to integral humanism and overall job growth India needs some quick solutions. It needs more jobs, a free and low-cost banking, a...

Taking Indian economy on a higher growth trajectory

Sunday, 03 Sep 2017 | Shivaji Sarkar | in Agenda

Prime Minister Modi’s demonetisation decision was a bold and risky proposition. It may have been partially successful but now the Government has to ensure a free-flowing economy that is vital for individual growth Is the Indian economy slowing down or is it on a correction path? Was the high growth rate...

Road to universal health coverage

Sunday, 03 Sep 2017 | Anjan Bose | in Agenda

The UHC is a long-term objective but the need of the hour is to create a roadmap for implementation, to establish checkpoints and to assign responsibilities of stakeholders Universal health coverage (UHC) aims to achieve long-term healthcare goals for citizens in the country. However, the UHC is not a quick process...

Deliberating on internal dimensions in teaching

Sunday, 03 Sep 2017 | Sushmita Biswal | in Agenda

Whether we like the word ‘competition' or not, that is the harsh reality today. So, making the students competitive while not compromising with the values should be the objective of the teacher. Creative and critical thinking are the need of the hour Going back, the age-old guru-shishya relationship was treated in...

Long-term solution needed for a deep-rooted malaise

Sunday, 27 Aug 2017 | Shivaji Sarkar | in Agenda

If the Indian healthcare is run with the highest commercial interests, what happened in Gorakhpur or Kerala can never be prevented. Funds alone are not the solution. Healthcare must be treated as national emergency Tragedies shake the nation. The recent deaths of over 70 children in a Gorakhpur hospital was shocking....

A simple recipe for humanity to heal

Sunday, 27 Aug 2017 | Gaurav Gupta | in Agenda

My depression was healed because of humanity,” said Sana Iqbal, biker, depression survivor and social worker at MiTalk at the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) Heal 2017. There couldn't be a more succinct or more earnest summation for a session titled, ‘Health and Humanity’. On her ‘last...

Endless war for Afghanistan continues

Sunday, 27 Aug 2017 | Gwynne Dyer | in Agenda

Maybe, like Obama, Trump has simply decided that he doesn't want the inevitable collapse of the Western-backed regime in Afghanistan to happen on his watch. He's just committing enough American troops to the country to kick it down the road a bit In 2010, former US President Barack Obama’s Vice President,...



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DPS to host U-17 football tourney

21 Sep 2017 | PNS | Ranchi

With the objective to create awareness among the budding football stars of the Capital City and to motivate the footballers of the U/17 age group, Delhi Public School in association with Hermes Voyage Kolkata will host its first ever Inter School Football Tournament: ‘Ranchi Cup-2017’. The tournament will be organised on the campus premises on September 21 and September 22...

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