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Brifely Speaking

Sunday, 19 Nov 2017 | Agencies | in Agenda

New App to Tackle Veggie Aversion It’s common to like some vegetables and dislike some. Everyone has their favourites and pet-peeves. For instance, potatoes are so lovable while a lot of people just can’t stomach green vegetables. Vegetable aversion is common but a group of Australian scientists have found an innovative...

Astroturf : Astrology knows no bounds

Sunday, 19 Nov 2017 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo | in Agenda

More than 15 years now, someone seeking an answer to his personal query, raised pertinent questions on the validity of the discipline of astrology. It deserves answer for common man’s understanding. The man asked: “Can I ever regain the position I lost, which I earlier held for a continued spell...

Impact investing: Mixing business and social good

Sunday, 19 Nov 2017 | hima bindu kota | in Agenda

Impact investing is definitely the next venture capital destination as it can narrow the gap between the underserved and the privileged. Government must, however, remove roadblocks and provide stimulus to it Making money need not be a dirty and insensitive game anymore. Gone are the days when profitability and well-being of...

Kabul: The heart of Silk Road in Asia

Sunday, 19 Nov 2017 | Ashraf Haidari | in Agenda

The Silk Road Mayors forum in Kabul last month reaffirmed the fact that centuries on, Afghanistan remains a principle connector at the world’s crossroads Reviving and building connectivity across the Eurasian landmass based on commercial networks of the ancient Silk Road underpins one of the key economic goals of the...

A perfect sanitation solution

Sunday, 19 Nov 2017 | Daigo Ishiyama | in Agenda

The Twin Pit-Pour Flush system is undoubtedly the best form of sanitation that is safe and sustainable but there are certain challenges that needs to be addressed before we achieve the goal of an Open Defecation Free India by 2019 It has been three year since India launched the Swachh Bharat...

India in the web of N Korean cyberwar

Sunday, 12 Nov 2017 | Prabha Rao | in Agenda

Around one-fifth of North Korea’s cyber attacks originate from India, and this should set alarm bells ringing in the corridors of security establishments as well as the strategic community, explains Prabha Rao According to studies conducted by Recorded Future, a US based cyber security firm, and Kaspersky, a multinational, cyber-security, anti-virus...

Serenity, sorrow, and a lake

Sunday, 12 Nov 2017 | Somen Sengupta | in Agenda

Nature, history, and mythology came together to create Nainital. It would be tragic to lose the lake town to negligence, pollution, and encroachment, believes Somen Sengupta In 1839, a rich British businessman from the sugar industry of Saharanpur town was hunting in the deep jungles of Kumaon near the Himalayan foothills...

The political economy: A varied landscape Interventions in political economy

Sunday, 12 Nov 2017 | Gautam Mukherjee | in Agenda

Author - Muzaffar assadi Publisher - Kalpaz publications Price: Rs 850 This collection of academic essays takes a dive into micro-economics and discusses unique problems of major world economies with regard to factors like population growth, average age, industrial growth, writes GAUTAM MUKHERJEE This is a slim, variegated, and academic volume, of 13...

Borderline beautiful: Call for a change

Sunday, 12 Nov 2017 | SNEHA | in Agenda

Borderline Author : Shabri Prasad Singh Publisher : Bloomsbury Price : Rs 399 The novel charts the journey of a girl who grows up blaming herself for everything that happens to her, but eventually finds the support and motivation to understand herself and her ‘disorder’ better, writes SNEHA Borderline is the story of...

The underlying message in Modi-Karunanidhi meeting

Sunday, 12 Nov 2017 | Hari shankar vyas | in Agenda

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to Chennai to attend the platinum jubilee celebrations of Tamil newspaper Daily Thanthi, he also visited the DMK supremo M Karunanidhi’s house to enquire about his well-being. This was purely a courtesy call but there was an underlying political message. Some people portrayed this...



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Famous artist from Gujarat displays art at Bharat Bhavan

25 Nov 2017 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

He is an artist, who sees the world through a kaleidoscope of colours and imagination. Nabibaksh Mansoori, a famous artist from Gujarat has put up a series of his works at Bharat Bhavan which is being really appreciated by the art enthusiasts of the city...

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