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Briefly Speaking

Sunday, 03 Aug 2014 | Pioneer | in Agenda

Smell can pass on mother’s fear Researchers have found that if a mother experienced fear towards something specific before pregnancy, her baby will quickly learn to fear it too — through her odour when she feels fear. In the first direct observation of fear transmission, a team from Michigan Medical School...

Turn adversity into opportunity

Sunday, 03 Aug 2014 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo | in Agenda

No motion can ever come into effect without inviting resistance. Naturally, the universe, being always in motion at a steady pace, encounters resistance on its way, transcending which, it still keeps marching ahead. The question now is: How does a massive organisation such as the universe, with all its enormity...

The essence of praying

Sunday, 03 Aug 2014 | Pramod Pathak | in Agenda

There are no effective or ineffective prayers. Devotion is based on complete faith and absolute love of god Indian philosophy gives us three ways to realise God — the gyan marg or knowledge, the dharma marg or action or bhakti marg, the devotion. Though apparently different, in essence they are same...

No consensus on judicial Bill

Sunday, 03 Aug 2014 | Hari shankar vyas | in Agenda

Though there is unanimity on the fact that the collegium system must be done away with, there is no consensus on whether judiciary or executive should have a greater role in the appointment of judges. Most people from the legal fraternity want the executive to play an advisory role in...

Pandits denied their rights as Islamists hold state hostage

Sunday, 03 Aug 2014 | Kanchan Gupta | in Agenda

It is specious of Geelani and his rage boys to claim Pandits visiting Kounsar Nag for annual religious rituals will cause damage to the environment. Their bluff should have been called but the state has capitulated, yet again Srinagar was shut down on Saturday on the instructions of separatist leader and...

Home away from home

Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 | Pioneer | in Agenda

SOS Homes for Tibetan children has around 1,000 kids who are either orphans or their parents are in Tibet, says Ritu Pandey It’s a short walk from the Mall Road to Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy. But in contrast to the incessant chatter that surrounds me on Mussoorie’s most prominent landmark,...

Of earth and its warriors

Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 | Pioneer News Service | in Agenda

Green Wars Author: Bahar Dutt Publisher: HarperCollins, Rs250 Green Wars shines a red light to ecocidal and genocidal path of “maldevelopment” on which we are rushing headlong, crushing the very foundations of our sustenance, says Dr Vandana Shiva Bahar Dutt in her book Green Wars does not just tell the story of her engagement...

The contours of paradise

Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 | Anubhav Pradhan | in Agenda

Many Roads Through Paradise Author: Shyam Selvadurai Publisher: Penguin, Rs499 The book is a potpourri of hope and hopelessness, nostalgia and amnesia, the carrier of both a legacy of loss and violence as well as a vision of better things to come, says Anubhav Pradhan Sri Lanka’s story has been typical. Like many diverse,...

The portrait of an Ambedkarite

Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 | Ish Kumar Gangania | in Agenda

Professor Tej Singh had evolved into a pillar of Hindi Dalit literary movement, and as a literary critic, he was miles ahead of his contemporaries Hindi Dalit literary icon Prof Tej Singh is no more. The 68-year-old died on the afternoon of July 15; the death came easily and strangely. Only...


Sunday, 27 Jul 2014 | Pioneer | in Agenda

Vandals smear cars with baked goods There’s mischief afoot in one suburban Portland neighbourhood, but police say it doesn’t involve the typical spray paint or broken windows. No, we’re talking pastry here — maple bars smeared on cars, doughnuts left atop windshield wipers, pastries littering a yard. One woman told officers she’s...



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Woman’s body found in autorickshaw, case filed

20 Jun 2018 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

A 35-year-old woman’s body was recovered from an autorickshaw at Rethghat under Talaiya police station area late in the night on Monday. Sensation prevailed in Retghat area on Monday night after body of a woman was recovered the auto rickshaw and after spotting the woman police were informed...

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