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Digital utopia is fraught with perils

Sunday, 13 May 2018 | VV SUNDAR | in Agenda

Technology, when it acts as an enabler, can work for the larger social good. But when it displaces our cognitive faculties and makes us tech-dependent addicts, the future looks terrifying and disturbing Artificial intelligence (AI) is the latest fad these days. Apparently, it is so passť now to make your own...

Gate-crashing democracies

Sunday, 13 May 2018 | nadeem paracha | in Agenda

Military dictatorships were once the greatest threat to democracies. But as Levitsky and Ziblatt point out, democracy's greatest gatekeepers are politicians Eminent Spanish political scientist, Juan J Linz did extensive research on the breakdowns of democracy and co-authored The Breakdown of Democratic Regimes with Alfred Stepan, a comparative political scientist. The...

There’s no Plan B for Trump

Sunday, 13 May 2018 | Gwynne Dyer | in Agenda

Trump’s irrational move to re-impose sanctions on Iran did not cause the Rouhani Government to buckle (which is almost unimaginable), but it may certainly hasten war The extraordinary thing is that there is no Plan B. If Donald Trump’s re-imposition of American sanctions on Iran does not cause President Hassan Rouhani’s...

The path to peace in the Korean Peninsula

Sunday, 06 May 2018 | Rajaram Panda | in Agenda

The Asian geopolitical theatre is witnessing dramatic turnaround with a flurry of diplomatic events aimed at securing peace in the continent — which not many months ago, feared to have drifted towards potential nuclear conflagration While the European theatre remains considerably disquiet following US President Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ policy triggering...

Love of the land in poetry

Sunday, 06 May 2018 | Madan Lall Manchanda | in Agenda

Language, poetry, religion, and nationalism — all evolved simultaneously during India’s freedom struggle, and they all warned against intolerance as it does not go well with the very idea of the nation, writes Madan Lall Manchanda The first glimmerings of patriotism in Urdu poetry are manifest in “Shahr Ashob” bewailing the...

Tales of the blood flower

Sunday, 06 May 2018 | Gautam Mukherjee | in Agenda

The Brahmin Author - Ravi Shankar Etteth Publisher - Westland, Rs 350 This is a period novel that combines skilled storytelling with serious research. It has elements of epic genre, which go well with the representation of an underexplored aspect of Emperor Ashoka and his kingdom, writes Gautam Mukherjee Ravi Shankar Etteth —...

From a woman’s perspective

Sunday, 06 May 2018 | Shweta Duseja | in Agenda

The Kaunteyas Author - Madhavi S Mahadevan Publisher - Tranquebar, Rs 350 Was Kunti just the busy mother whose miscalculated words spelled the doom of a dynasty? Hers is an often misunderstood character that is analysed in The Kaunteyas, writes SHWETA DUSEJA Madhavi Mahadevan’s The Kaunteyas is a retelling of The Mahabharata from Kunti’s...

Overlooking the plight of domestic workers

Sunday, 06 May 2018 | UPASANA BEHAR | in Agenda

Household workers are an invisible part of our informal economy. Sadly, as a workforce, they remain vulnerable to exploitation, abuse and modern-day slavery, writes UPASANA BEHAR Domestic work has been one of the oldest jobs in the world. Due to various reasons like drought, lack of agriculture, lack of employment option,...

Not even close to nation branding

Sunday, 06 May 2018 | nadeem paracha | in Agenda

In her 2006 essay, “Branding the nation: What is being branded?” Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Michigan, Ying Fan writes, “People, culture, cuisines, heritage, celebrities, fashion, history and places of a country build perceptions in the minds of international stakeholders. A collective sum of all these perceptions...

Everything is in your ‚Äėhands‚Äô now

Sunday, 06 May 2018 | Poonam khetrapal | in Agenda

Good hand hygiene is a simple, cost-effective way to save lives and transform the quality of healthcare. Patients, health workers, administrators and policymakers can enhance the safety, quality and effectiveness of healthcare by promoting good hand hygiene in both practice and policy Good hand hygiene is the cornerstone of safe and...



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Modi visits J'khand today, to review aspirational districts' dev

25 May 2018 | Santosh Narayan | Ranchi

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his Jharkhand visit on Friday sits with the Deputy Commissioners and officials of the 19 aspirational districts it would boost hope of speedy development of the areas that have been in the red zone. It is learnt that all the DCs concerned have been told to be ready with crisp presentations highlighting not only the good works done in their areas identified but also...

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