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Child malnourishment and stunting in India: Getting the basics right

Sunday, 05 Nov 2017 | Tejasvini Akhawat | in Agenda

Malnourishment affects more than just an individual or a family; it affects the growth of the nation as a whole, writes Tejasvini Akhawat Healthy children are the reflection of a healthy nation. The physical and mental well being of children cannot be disregarded since we are referring to the future of...

Being Socrates: The Brazilian football legend

Sunday, 05 Nov 2017 | Kumar Chellappan | in Agenda

DOCTOR SOCRATES Author- Andrew Downie Publisher- SIMON & SCHUSTER Rs 699 His is the engaging tale of boundless talent lost to self-conceit, and the history of football — which has seen Indian football mavericks, too — has many more intriguing life stories, writes KUMAR CHELLAPPAN You will be nearer to heaven through football...

Utopia on earth, or wishful thinking?

Sunday, 05 Nov 2017 | GAUTAM MUKHERJEE | in Agenda

A WORLD OF THREE ZEROS Author- MUHAMMAD YUNUS Publisher- HACHETTE INDIA, Rs 599 Yunus offers insight into problems like unemployment in leading capitalist nations and suggestions about economic governance that sound intriguing, even if unrealistic, writes GAUTAM MUKHERJEE This is Micro-Credit Maestro and Bangladesh’s Nobel Laureate For Peace (2006) Muhammad Yunus’ fourth...

Anaemic, malnourished women need care

Sunday, 05 Nov 2017 | Shailendra Sinha | in Agenda

The Government has been doing its bit to eradicate poor nutrition among women, especially for pregnant women, but until mindsets do not change, conquering the disease will be difficult Adivasi women don’t eat nutritious food during pregnancy and they also don’t take iron pills on a regular basis because there exists...

A pragmatic way is alternative fuel

Sunday, 05 Nov 2017 | Suyash Gupta | in Agenda

Even as we work towards cleaner vehicle technology to prevent air pollution, we must invest in other fuels that deliver results in short-term simultaneously It's been almost two decades since Delhi's public transport system made the sweeping shift from diesel to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). While the environmental gains were significant...

Of civilized living in Delhi's Little Calcutta

Sunday, 05 Nov 2017 | Ishan Joshi | in Agenda

CR Park is probably one of the few South Delhi localities that has still not given up the fight to try and ensure the liveability quotient, as it were, is retained; if not wholly then at least very substantially Chittaranjan Park, or EPDP (East Pakistan Displaced Persons) Colony for those readers...


Sunday, 05 Nov 2017 | Agencies | in Agenda

SAUDI ARABIA GRANTS CITIZENSHIP TO ROBOT Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to a robot during a technology investment conference in the oil-rich kingdom. Appearing on stage for an interview at the Future Investment Institute panel in Saudi Arabia with CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin, Sophia Robot, a human-like machine created by Hanson Robotics,...

Garbha Upanishad

Sunday, 05 Nov 2017 | Yogi Ashwini | in Agenda

Human beings are born with a specific purpose, which they even remind themselves of in the womb. But they lose all sense of it when they get stuck in the cycle of life and death without a guru, writes Yogi Ashwini Gyan flows from Guru to shishya, there is no book...

Privacy in present day

Sunday, 05 Nov 2017 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi | in Agenda

Privacy in today’s age cannot be absolute, but one can define its limits, writes AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI This must be a joke when people are so eager to share their private details with just about everyone. Some well known personalities have millions of followers. Even lesser known persons manage to form...

Briefly speaking

Sunday, 05 Nov 2017 | Agencies | in Agenda

The mental impact on hunger A new study has found snacking on the go may not fill you up like a sit down meal at the table. Seeing food as a ‘snack’ which may contain the same calories as a ‘meal’ will have people eating 50% more later, the Daily Mail...



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Charges filed against 592 in PMT 2012 case

24 Nov 2017 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Thursday filed a charge-sheet against 592 accused persons, including promoters of three private medical colleges from Bhopal - JN Choksey, chairman of LN Medical College, SN Vijaywargiya of People's Medical College and Ajay Goenka of Chirayu Medical College - and one from Indore - Suresh Singh Bhadoriya of Index Medical College, in the MPPEB scam. In the charge-sheet, four MPPEB officials, three persons...

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