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The logistics of simultaneous Lok Sabha and Assembly polls

Sunday, 04 Feb 2018 | Hari shankar vyas | in Agenda

There is a lot of speculation that the Lok Sabha and Assembly Elections will be held simultaneously, but the big question is can the Lok Sabha polls be held this year? Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi be ready to go into elections six months before schedule? Not only this, can...

culture lane

Sunday, 04 Feb 2018 | Pioneer | in Agenda

No DNA for becoming President: Oprah Oprah Winfrey said she is not interested in running for President, in comments published this week that were made before the current wave of speculation that followed her speech at the Golden Globes. Over the years, Winfrey’s popularity has frequently prompted conjecture that she could...


Sunday, 04 Feb 2018 | Pioneer | in Agenda

Ninja Turtle visits museum to view his namesake’s art The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York celebrated its Michelangelo exhibit by having a special guest — Nina Turtle Michelangelo — inspect his namesake’s works. The Met posted photos to Twitter showing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michelangelo — or at least...

The Vedic way OF LIFE

Sunday, 04 Feb 2018 | Radhanath Swami | in Agenda

The Vedic solution to unhappiness is to learn to give, love, and be satisfied with the simple things that truly matter in life, writes RADHANATH SWAMI A month into the New Year, we should be aware of the opportunities as well as the responsibilities that this moment brings upon us. According...

An Indian Renaissance

Sunday, 04 Feb 2018 | Pramod Pathak | in Agenda

Development of nations as a result of human efforts and history has established beyond doubt that sincere attempts at human resource development plays a crucial role in this. This is where the role of education becomes critical. But what’s unfortunate is that the education policy of our country has seen...

Briefly Speaking

Sunday, 04 Feb 2018 | Pioneer | in Agenda

heavy period: science offers some relief Researchers from the University of Edinburgh in the UK identified a key protein called HIF-1 that could explain why some women have to deal with painful, heavy bleeding during periods. They studied the womb lining, known as the endometrium. This is shed during menstruation, leaving...

The right lessons for children

Sunday, 04 Feb 2018 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi | in Agenda

Trying to maintain balance between giving children relevant information and oversharing is no easy task. The best way to guide them in life is to set the right examples for them, explains AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI As a parent, you have been given an enormous responsibility because a soul’s future has...

Astroturf | Timely appraisal can avert disaster

Sunday, 04 Feb 2018 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo | in Agenda

Science hypothesizes that causal-stress at the primordial-source would have caused the Big Bang event. Following which, energy streams got excited. But immediately thereafter, harmonisation of the energy streams would have also begun, which following a course of progressive evolution eventually culminated in the manifest world with form and...

The perks and perils of being Soha

Sunday, 28 Jan 2018 | UMANG AGGARWAL | in Agenda

Despite her illustrious lineage, Soha Ali Khan never grew up with a sense of entitlement. To her, Mansoor Ali Khan was the coolest father and Sharmila Tagore, a regular mom who attended her PTMs. Umang Aggarwal talks to the actor-turned-author about her new book, her normal childhood, her plans for...

Florence: An iconic city, an epic history

Sunday, 28 Jan 2018 | Vissa Venkata Sundar | in Agenda

The magic spell of the city is everlasting and continues to endure even today for anybody even remotely interested in architecture, arts, culture, and fashion, writes Vissa Venkata Sundar Florence has held sway since the medieval times. It was a centre of flourishing trade and finance and one of the richest...



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Police recover illegal coal, seize five motorbikes

19 Feb 2018 | SURESH NIKHAR | Bokaro

A police team of Bokaro Thermal police station headed by inspector cum officer-in charge Parmeshwar Leyangi on Sunday morning conducted raids at Ganjutola in Armo forest area here and seized approx 2.5 tonnes of illegal coal along with their 4 motorcycles and 5 cycles,said Bokaro SP Kartik S...

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