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Taking Indian economy on a higher growth trajectory

Sunday, 03 Sep 2017 | Shivaji Sarkar | in Agenda

Prime Minister Modi’s demonetisation decision was a bold and risky proposition. It may have been partially successful but now the Government has to ensure a free-flowing economy that is vital for individual growth Is the Indian economy slowing down or is it on a correction path? Was the high growth rate...

Road to universal health coverage

Sunday, 03 Sep 2017 | Anjan Bose | in Agenda

The UHC is a long-term objective but the need of the hour is to create a roadmap for implementation, to establish checkpoints and to assign responsibilities of stakeholders Universal health coverage (UHC) aims to achieve long-term healthcare goals for citizens in the country. However, the UHC is not a quick process...

Deliberating on internal dimensions in teaching

Sunday, 03 Sep 2017 | Sushmita Biswal | in Agenda

Whether we like the word ‘competition' or not, that is the harsh reality today. So, making the students competitive while not compromising with the values should be the objective of the teacher. Creative and critical thinking are the need of the hour Going back, the age-old guru-shishya relationship was treated in...

Which third front will Kejriwal join, if any?

Sunday, 03 Sep 2017 | Hari shankar vyas | in Agenda

Arvind Kejriwal and Naveen Patnaik are the only two Chief Ministers who are completely cut off from national politics. They have their own islands — they don’t either go with the BJP or with the Congress. The third front has always existed in India, and the rest of the parties...


Sunday, 03 Sep 2017 | Agencies | in Agenda

COUPLE SEES THE IMAGE OF JESUS IN BABY’S SONOGRAM A Pennsylvania couple says Jesus showed up in their daughter’s sonogram picture, easing their concerns after two other children were born with birth defects. Alicia Zeek and Zach Smith told WPMT-TV they’re not especially religious, but they’re convinced the image to the...


Sunday, 03 Sep 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Agenda

For the religious minded, the Supreme Court is of course the court of the Lord that takes decisions depending on the merits of the case, supposedly delivering what a person deserves. Then there is the ultimate day, the day of the judgement that decides the final fate. Referred differently as...

Lord of the masses

Sunday, 03 Sep 2017 | Yogi Ashwini | in Agenda

Ganesha — the ish of ganas — is the guardian of the spiritual world and the first energy to grant access to the higher dimensions, writes Yogi Ashwini Every aspect of creation, every dev and danav resides within the human body, the body being much more than what we see in...

Meditation is not that difficult

Sunday, 03 Sep 2017 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi | in Agenda

It is our duty to ourselves if we value peace of mind, freedom from anxieties and fears, a sense of security, feeling of satisfaction, and even enjoyment, writes AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI In spite of being told about the many benefits of meditation, many of us are unable to do it....

Briefly speaking

Sunday, 03 Sep 2017 | Agencies | in Agenda

Genes that make you friendlier Wondered why some people enjoy social engagements while others shy away? It may be genetic, say scientists who have identified two genes that make some people more friendly by regulating the love hormone oxytocin. Researchers from the National University of Singapore found that CD38 and CD157...

Astroturf : As you sow, so shall you reap

Sunday, 03 Sep 2017 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo | in Agenda

The other day, a parent of a girl suffering from a serious psychiatric disorder, finding it difficult to manage, brought her seeking guidance. Their first question was: “What is in store of our daughter’s destiny that she has to go through such an ordeal? Is our family under the spell...



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Matikala Board to hold ‚ÄėMati ki Mehak‚Äô exhibition-cum-sale

26 Sep 2017 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Madhya Pradesh Matikala Board is organising ‘Mati ki Mehak’ exhibition-cum-sale and state level prize distribution ceremony at Gauhar Mahal on September 26. The ceremony will be inaugurated by Cottage and Gramodyog Minister Antar Singh Arya at 7 pm...

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