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Courtesy can be counterproductive

Sunday, 02 Mar 2014 | Agencies | in Agenda

Guys: As you walked into the office this morning, did you hold the door open for a colleague? Was this co-worker a man? If so, thanks a lot. You may have done him more harm than good. That’s the surprising conclusion of recently published research, which suggests holding a door...

Skoda’s new Elegance

Sunday, 01 Dec 2013 | Kushan Mitra | in Agenda

After three years, Skoda India has brought back the Octavia brand with a fabulous new car. KUSHAN MITRA tells us more about the Elegance Back in 2001, the Skoda Octavia was the first large luxury sedan to be launched in India. This was a time before Audi and BMW stormed the...

China successfully cleans the Net

Sunday, 01 Dec 2013 | Reuters | in Agenda

China’s campaign against online rumours, which critics say is crushing free speech, has been highly successful in “cleaning” the Internet, a top official of the country’s internet regulator has said. China has the world’s most sophisticated online censorship system, known outside the country as the Great Firewall. It blocks many...

Rare dinosaur skeleton auctioned

Sunday, 01 Dec 2013 | Reuters | in Agenda

The skeleton of a diplodocus dinosaur that roamed what is now the United States some 160 million years ago was sold for £400,000 ($651,100) to an unidentified public institution at an auction in Britain. Misty, as the dinosaur was nicknamed, will later be put on public display, the auctioneers said....



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State Govt to celebrate “Helmet and Seat Belt “ diwas every wednesday

20 Nov 2017 | PNS | Lucknow

To control the rising number of road accidents and deaths in the state, Uttar Pradesh government has decided to observe every Wednesday of the week as “Helmet and Seat Belt “ diwas. State principal secretary transport Aradhana Shukla, in an order on Sunday said that on every Wednesday, the department officials would hold rigorous checking of helmet for the driver and the pillion riders of the two wheeler and...

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