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A journey within

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A journey within

Whenever you make a decision about your life, ask yourself what are the reasons behind making that choice, writes Rachna Khemchandani

The main purpose to write this book is to provide clarity and guidance to all the spiritual seekers throughout the world. I got a strong feeling to write this book so that more and more people can benefit from it. I wanted to share my life’s journey and experiences in depth with readers and sadhaks/seekers who are on a similar path, so that they can get an insight and more clarity on lot of issues which will deepen their faith and help them see their own journey in a different light. The other reason of writing this book is to help other spiritual seekers gain insight and learn from my experiences. I didn’t write this book for fame or money, rather I did this to help others on their spiritual path so that they can purify their inner selves and experience higher states of consciousness, inner peace and inner freedom.

The book has three parts: A, B and C. Part A, gives clarity and spiritual guidance on various spiritual topics based on my personal experiences of the last twenty years. The spiritual topics discussed in the book include:- How to manifest your desires or turn your desires into reality?; How to make a choice or decision in your life?; Karma = Mind = Maya; Enlightenment to liberation; The root cause of everything is your ego; Art of becoming fearless; Dual nature of mind. How to go beyond it; Art of detachment or dying and de-addiction; Can one experience divine love on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level; What is true humility or humbleness; True love is beyond ego, attachment and expectations; More clarity on unconditional love and acceptance; Is there only physical rape or is there mental, emotional and spiritual rape also?; Can one eat non vegetarian food on the spiritual path; What are the spiritual lessons that all these 12 planets want you to learn through their placement in your astrological chart/lagna chart; Do you stop enjoying life once you reach a state of total vairagya or desirelessness? How to remain positive all the time and how does this positive attitude help in our spiritual path; Who is your soulmate?, and many more topics like these have been discussed in the book.

Karma = Mind = Maya:  One simple step can liberate you from the so called ‘mayajaal’ or the clutches of maya. We are born enlightened and freedom is our birth right. We only need to get conscious of our enlightened being. This can happen in just one single step. You must be wondering how it is possible. Everything is possible provided you are open and receptive to it. So are you ready to expand your consciousness and go beyond the limitations of your mind? If your answer is yes, then let’s explore and understand what is Karma, Mind and Maya, first separately and then explore the dimension of how are they one and not separate which means Karma = Mind = Maya. You can read more about it in the book.

How to make a choice or decision in your life? “Whenever you make a choice or decision about anything in your life, just ask yourself what are the reasons behind making that particular choice or decision. Make a list of all the possible reasons.” If the reasons are based on any kind of fear, guilt or any other negative thought or emotion, it’s a wrong choice or wrong path that you are planning to undertake. If the reasons are based on inner freedom, love, peace, happiness or positive thoughts or emotions, it is a right choice. If all your choices are based on negative emotions like fear or guilt, then first try to release your negative thoughts and emotions through your sadhana(meditation) and then make a decision. Or for example, if one choice is based on fear and the other is based on peace, happiness & inner freedom then first release the fear behind the first choice through your sadhna. Then reconsider both the paths again and make your final decision.

Part B of the book has all my spiritual experiences, realisations and learning’s of the last 30 years for example,  how Shirdi Sai Baba, my first guru touched & transformed the deepest core of my heart; The turning point in my life’s journey after reading the book “Autobiography Of A Yogi”;  Experience of emptiness and detachment; Experience of shoonya/nothingness and pure consciousness; Experience of consciousness expanding to infinity; Experience of stillness and silence; Experience of deep samadhi after doing Mahamrityunjayabeej mantra sadhna; Learn to say no when you don’t want to say yes; learn the lesson of complete surrender and faith; and many more spiritual experiences that I had and spiritual lessons that I have learnt during my spiritual journey are shared in this book.

Experience of unconditional pure love-the source of all creation/creativity:  My next experience happened in December 2008 in shivir (spiritual camp). On the third day of the shivir I felt and experienced infinite love flowing within me, which was infinitely blissful.  I experienced, felt and realized that the whole creation is made out of this pure divine love energy. I felt as if there is nothing but love everywhere and in everything. This went on for many hours and then I prayed to Babaji and all the spiritual masters, “This experience is great but I don’t want this, I want mukti/liberation, I want this ‘I’ to dissolve, this self to dissolve completely”.

Learn to say no: This was a lesson I learnt when I was in my teens. I had this problem of saying yes to everything, in other words I could never say no to anyone. I would do all the things everyone asked me to do. Most of the times I liked doing it because pleasing others gave me lot of happiness and satisfaction but there were few times when I really did not like it but yet I did it anyways. During this phase of my life I read a book with the title “Learn to say no when you don’t want to say yes”.  After reading this book I realised what I was doing to myself. I was allowing people to take advantage of me against my wish. I soon learnt this lesson and started applying it in my life. Though it was difficult in the beginning to change this habit but still I did it because I realized it was for my own good. People around me got little unhappy seeing this change within me since they were so used to me saying yes to them all the time. It was difficult for them to hear the word “no” from me but with time they understood and got used to it. Since that time I felt internally free to say what I wanted to and at the same time was also able to release the fear of hurting and displeasing others for saying no to them.


Part C of the book contains the most important spiritual teachings of all my four gurus which I have practiced and applied in my life. This is one of the main reasons for my spiritual growth and progress. My four gurus are Shirdi Sai Baba-my first guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, my second guru, Osho, my third guru and Avdhoot Baba Shivananda, my fourth guru.




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