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The virtuous leadership

Sunday, 15 Oct 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Agenda

These are the times of virtual reality where surrealism rules. Naturally, talking about virtuous reality may appear totally out of sync. But is it really so? Given the crisis of the present times and the decline in the values of people in leadership positions, there is a need to revisit...


Sunday, 15 Oct 2017 | Yogi Ashwini | in Agenda

The festival starts from Dhanteras and spreads over five days culminating on Bhai Duj. These are extremely potent days for siddhis, writes Yogi Ashwini Creation exists in layers. The physical comprising the five elements is only one layer to it. As you progress in the sadhna of yog, the various layers...


Sunday, 15 Oct 2017 | Agencies | in Agenda

how reading makes people empathetic Reading stories is a universal experience that may result in people feeling greater empathy for each other, regardless of a persons origin or language, a study has found. Researchers at University of Southern California in the US found patterns of brain activation when people find meaning...

Why depression strikes towards evening?

Sunday, 15 Oct 2017 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi | in Agenda

We accumulate negativity during the day, but instead of going to the root of the problem, we try to dull the mind by various means, says AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI There are two main reasons for this. First, one accumulates negativity through fearful/worrisome thoughts during the day. Second, one has become relatively...

Astroturf | Listen to the callings of nature

Sunday, 15 Oct 2017 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo | in Agenda

I wish the valued readers of this esteemed journal a very happy Deepawali. May your prayers to Mother Goddess Lakshmi, the presiding deity of the occasion, personified with sampada (wealth), bear desired fruits. Let me add here that the word sampada doesn’t simply mean financial and material wealth. It encompasses...

Searching for happiness

Sunday, 08 Oct 2017 | Sant Rajinder Singh | in Agenda

It does not lie in anything in this world and can only be found within. If we seek it in the world, we will be continually disappointed, writes Sant Rajinder Singh All of us today are searching for peace and happiness. This quest is universal. After all, no one aspires to...

The three lettered problem

Sunday, 08 Oct 2017 | Pramod Pathak | in Agenda

Philosophers, theologists, and religious preachers have all tried to ponder over the problem of evil without any convincing conclusion. The problem of evil has existed since times immemorial and many of the misdeeds of the evil-doers may sound eerily contemporary. The conception of time in Hindu religious thought talks about...

Erase past, aim for betterment

Sunday, 08 Oct 2017 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi | in Agenda

We can erase bad memories except lessons learnt from them and keep the good ones to cheer ourselves whenever we feel low, believes AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI What does death do? Not only does it take our bodies, material possessions, etc, but it also takes away all memories of actual details of...

Briefly Speaking

Sunday, 08 Oct 2017 | Pioneer | in Agenda

the hazardS of dream loss revealed A silent epidemic of dream loss may be at the root of many illnesses attributed to sleep deprivation, say scientists, suggesting that the unrecognised public health hazard may contribute to depression, a study claims. Researchers detailed the various factors that cause rapid eye movement (REM)...

Astroturf | Blaming others won’t help you

Sunday, 08 Oct 2017 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo | in Agenda

Someone visiting India recently came asking: “Why am I going through this troubled time? How long will it continue? It seems that those envious of me have been doing some mischief to spoil my happiness. My marital relationship is in a mess, despite best of efforts on my part. I...



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23 lakh farmers registered under Bhavantar Bhugtan

17 Oct 2017 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Around 23 lakh farmers have got registered so far in Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana launched today in Madhya Pradesh. The registration process was started from September 1...

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